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Corporate Empathy

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This is a comprehensive program, in which we discuss empathy, the key professional capability for leaders and team members. Enhance your empathy skills and your relationship with other "soft skills" necessary for the corporate world. Empathy has moved from a "nice to have" to a "must have" into today's corporate world. For Companies to grow empathy is key. Companies are people centered, and reliant on people being engaged, happy, creative, innovative, productive, and well so they can contribute to growth. In this program you will have short readings and bite sized videos to watch. If you are looking to binge watch/read this program, it will take you around two hours. Alternatively, we suggest you take this comprehensive program at your own pace so you can digest the learnings and to feel comfortable with enhancing your own empathy capabilities. We suggest you take your time to get the most out of the learnings from the discussions of empathy and other soft skills. The program is completely online, on demand, and available 24/7 for you to access when it suits you. The program covers 1. empathy 2. trust 3. listening 4. meeting expectations 5. understanding others 6. strengthening cooperation 7. awareness 8. stress 9. civility 10. wellness and mental health 11. healthy relationships 12. diversity and inclusion 13. innovation and creativity 14. engagement and retention. Empathy helps you, individually, to respond to and be happier in any environment.

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