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Customer Discovery

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There are several ways in which you can conduct customer discoveries. This program takes you through a few different ways you can conduct a customer discovery. The program is practical and provides you with some steps you can undertake in your own workplace. The program also provides you with information on customer empathy, which is the outcome of conducting a customer discovery. In this program we introduce you to desk research, empathetic listening, conducting interviews, undertaking and learning from customer observations, a structured approach to observing your customers using AEIOU. We also introduce you to card sorting and its power, particularly when card sorting is triangulated with other methods. We introduce you to survey design and the necessary steps to conducting well crafted surveys. We finish the program by providing you with steps on how to craft different types of empathy maps. This program has short readings and twelve videos. If you decide to binge read/watch this program in one sitting it should take you about two hours. You have a lifetime of access to this program so you can re-watch the videos anytime to refresh yourself on any of the practical tactics and techniques required to conduct a customer discovery. On successful completion of this program you will receive a business strategy badge and Certificates of Completion, generally are sent out by email 2-weeks after you receive your badge.

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