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Lead with Empathy

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Empathy helps leaders raise and strengthen their people. Through empathy we recognise that people are experiencing various degrees of stress at work, or from home, family, and the challenges of with living with the uncertainty. This self-paced program is designed for people who are looking to enhance their empathy skills, improve their empathy-led skillset, and transform into an empathetic leader. We have designed the program to be completed across 4-weeks. However, we recognise that everyone's time schedule is different. You can complete the program in faster or slower depending on what works for you. You have 100 days to complete the program from when you start. There are 38 bite sized videos to help you enhance your capacity for empathy. 24 practical activities to undertake A 28-day kindness calendar to download Empathy challenges to complete An e-book for you to download Leaders with empathy recognise everyone has various levels of coping with stressful situations, and that other factors can contribute to how a person responds, and contributes to the team's output. Almost everyone has the ability to empathize with others. Some exceptions are people who are unable to understand or relate to other people’s feelings, such as psychopaths, narcissists, and sociopaths. Schedule: Week 1: Introduction to empathy (3 videos) Week 2: Importance of empathy in the workplace (11 videos) Week 3: Ways to demonstrate empathy (10 videos) Week 4: Enhance your capacity for empathy (14 videos) Included eBook on "Leading with Empathy" including 24 practical strategies to help you enhance empathy in the workplace. Reach out if you need any assistance email Karen directly - Enjoy the program

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