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Empathy Refresher

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Empathy helps us to know how best to respond to others, to build trust with others and to build stronger interpersonal relationships. By building our empathy capabilities we learn how to respond to all sorts of different people, in a variety of circumstances. Empathy is said to be the a key capability in 2022 because of its links and contributions to EQ or emotional intelligence. While most of us recognise the need for empathy very few of us practice empathy. We know that some of us are better at empathy than others. This short "Empathy Refresher" program is designed to provide you with a crash course on empathy. This program covers the basics such as: 1. What is empathy 2. Can anyone have empathy 3. What are the three types of empathy 4. The importance of walking in another’s shoes 5. Examine your own biases This program is online 24/7, always available You can binge watch all of the videos and do all of the readings in under an hour...... or take your time.... There are some suggested activities for you to help you with understanding other people, which is a key tenant of empathy. Completing these activities will help you to better understand empathy. After watching all of the five videos and completing the short readings you will be able to explain the basics of empathy to another person.

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