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Leadingrowth Consulting Services 

Analysing data



new markets, new offerings
create great customer experiences


grow your brand, strengthen your influence
improve your mindset, grow happier people


improve your agility, problem solve, creative innovations, design thinking, agile, ecosystems


Market research, customer research, interviews, focus groups, card sorting, surveys, observation, ethnography, projective technique



LUXURY BRANDING -  We help you to build or strengthen your creative brand, tell your story, build a luxury brand, and stand out so your target audience finds you.

PERSONAL GROWTH -  We help you with professional development, strengthen your creativity, entrepreneurial mind, and growth mindset through a series of workshops, programs, coaching or personalised consulting services.  Select from our range of “out of the box” or select “personalised” offers.

BUSINESS GROWTH – We help you with the strategy, marketing and branding so you can focus on  your own creative freedom, imagining, developing, designing, and doing what you do best.  We assist you with entrepreneurship, working with you to build simple structured processes that guide you from idea through to branded impactful output.  We keep it simple, so it is easy for you to follow and do.  We co-create these with you, support you, or if you prefer, we can do it for you, or we can teach you how, so that you can do it yourself.

RESEARCH - Digital ethnography, interviews, surveys, focus groups, card sorting, market research, survey design & questionnaire design, analysis and reporting



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Some of our leaders want "done for you" solutions.  Other leaders say "let's work together"and prefer a consultancy approach.   Other leaders prefer to "learn how" so they can do it themselves, drive their own innovations, improve their innovation outcomes and lead happier teams faster through the innovation pipeline.

We help leaders who are trying to improve their innovative capabilities, leaders who are analytical, and want help with finding their creative genius and re-learn how to flex their imagination muscle. We also help leaders who use their creative genius daily, who imagine often, are fantastic at coming up with new ideas, yet need help with bringing the greatest of those ideas to life. It doesn't matter whether you are a creative or analytical or somewhere in between, our frameworks, tools, and roadmaps can assist you with where you want to go. We help leaders move forward. 

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For the leaders who want to "learn how" and build capabilities so they can do it themselves, we offer programs

Our online learning courses are easily adapted and customized to meet various industry leader needs, no matter where they are located.

We offer you a choice of out-of-the box programs or we can customized workshops, programs or courses to suit you and your circumstances.

Bring your work problems with you.  

We provide templates, tools, guides, and practical advice from years of experience collaborating with over 5000 leaders on business growth, branding, marketing, and product development.  



Circular Economy Artisans

Problem: How to find new markets for circular economy artisans 

Approach: design thinking, luxury branding, digital marketing, market research, growth strategies

Solution: Developed simple, repeatable business systems and processes, designed brand strategies and stories, identified, designed, and prioritised strategies for new markets.  Digital marketing and online branding strategies for innovative upcycled artisan wares.

Online Higher Education

Problem: What MBA Courses will be relevant to leaders in 2025 who want to study an MBA  Speciality in Entrepreneurship and Marketing

Approach: design thinking, marketing research, customer discovery, learning design, experience design 

Solution: Identified, designed, and developed a 2025 strategy, with a timeline and priority for new MBA courses, revitalised existing MBA courses, and developed a program of executive courses in entrepreneurship, marketing AI, digital marketing, branding, online business startup, strategic marketing and online business consulting.

Dr Karen W Miller has taught MBA students since 2002.

Indigenous Beef Project

Problem: How to develop branded beef offerings to support sustainable communities, employment, education, and training outcomes for Indigenous Australians?

Approach: design thinking, market research, luxury branding, and digital marketing strategies

Solution: develop an indigenous value-chain chain gate to plate strategy, which includes indigenous graziers on indigenous land, indigenous supply chains, beef tourism packs, indigenous artisans, and indigenous chefs with a modern take on Australian foods.

Wine Tourism 

Problem: How to improve cellar door sales

Approach: customer experience research, ethnography, observation and design thinking to gain a clearer picture of customer value drivers

Solution: develop a wine tourism experience that focuses on learning about visitor needs, and teaching visitors about the wines, how to pair them, and matching wines with customer needs and occasions.