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Humanize your approach to Digital Transformation

Design thinking is a human centric approach that has the potential to improve how your team practice:

  • empathy

  • collaborate

  • innovate

  • produce high-quality outcomes

  • engage happier

  • increase productivity

  • improve confidences

  • manage ideas & innovations 

  • engage with change 

  • embrace digital transformations  

Design Thinking is four decades old, yet, most people don't know how to use design thinking in their organization or what it even is! 

Most companies struggle with Innovation Management because they're still stuck in old school command-and-control style of leadership.  In fact, 90% of Executives struggle with Innovation Management and don't know how to use Design Thinking to manage Innovations.

We can help you become a design thinking master for your company.

Our online courses and workshops are designed by experts who have been researching, teaching and practicing this Design Thinking around the world for years.

Our curriculum will help you develop an innovation culture within your organization while also making sure that everyone on your team knows how to be creative and innovative no matter what role they play!

Alternatively, engage a Design Thinking Consultant to collaborate with you and share the journey with you guiding you step-by-step through the process.  Book for an Online Consultation or alternative if you are in Australia, you can book our in-person Design Thinking Consultation Services.


Design thinking is an incredible method for innovating, but it's hard to know where to start when you're new.

Leadingrowth offers a design thinking school that will help you and your team get started with the most powerful innovation tool in the world.

Our online courses are designed by leading experts in their fields, who have been using design thinking effectively for years.

You'll enhance how to create innovative products, services, and processes at scale without wasting time or money on failed experiments.  

With our programs you can improve productivity while boosting employee engagement and happiness with innovation training led by experienced practitioners from around the globe.

We offer workshops customized for different groups (designers, developers, UX/UI specialists) as well as open enrolment classes appropriate for anyone interested in learning more about design thinking methods.