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Ideal for mid to high-level leaders, CEOs, CMOs, CXOs, CIOs, CTOs, or  Engineers, who want to move ideas faster or get ideas unstuck. 

Learn strategies to deal with roadblocks, and effectively lead teams happier and faster from idea through to implementation.

If you feel like your not getting ideas to move fast enough or too many of them are getting stuck, then this course is for you.

7-week Course 


  • Leading Innovation eBook

  • 28 Videos 

  • Templates, Roadmaps and Guides 

  • Leader Activities 

  • Certificate of Completion 

  • Work on your own project 

  • Weekly group coaching sessions 

  • Interactive, get feedback, and ideas to help you move forward 

Business People Talking


This short Executive Program is targeted towards executives who contribute to the strategic positioning and vision of the brand (Company). Often executives are looking for a fresh pair of eyes on:

  • developing new market segments

  • repositioning existing market segments

  • enhancing existing value drivers or 

  • creating new value drivers 

This short program provides tools, templates, tips, learning activities, videos and a workbook to structure your learning. This is a practical hands-on program. Learn today. Do today. 

Consider ways to engage in 

  • disruptive innovation

  • blue ocean strategy 

  • sustaining innovation or 

  • market extensions 


Work at your own pace 

Certificate on Completion 

  • Workbook

  • Videos

  • Activities

  • Templates 

  • Guides

  • Maps

  • Book your own strategy session during the four-week program

Team Meeting


Covid restrictions has meant many organisations are unable to hire external facilitators to facilitate ideation sessions.  We are being asked if we can help leaders with improving the way they facilitate. Leaders are finding themselves leading and facilitating ideation sessions. They have moved from being a participant to being the leader and facilitator, often, with no training or capability building. We are being asked if we can help them out and provide a virtual workshop, share tips, tricks, and tools, for facilitating a successful ideation session. 

Covid restrictions changes who, how, and the way we facilitate ideation sessions.

To get the most out of your people and the session, learn some of the tips and tricks to a successful ideation session. 

At Work


Gain insights into people.  Discover more about them.

From insights we can make better, and more informed decisions. 

Use data to facilitate your learning about people. 

People are at the core of everything we do, why we do it, and how we do it.

Data is valuable only if you understand it, know where to get it and how to use it effectively in decision making.

Once upon a time, we left the analysis to the Data Scientists. For complicated data and modelling we still do. 

For leaders who want to make impactful decisions, that are evidence based, learn how to find data, use data, and turn data into meaningful information that can be used in impactful decision-making.

Create meaningful visuals and reports from your desktop.

Get in touch for more information.