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Colleagues Working in Office

Certificate of Completion

Supercharge your Workplace Relationships 

Form Power Relationships 

Create Power Teams

Connect, Engage, Inspire & Influence 

Powerup your Personal Brand

Be your own Empathetic Superhero

Powerup Engagement, Connection and Empathy in your workplace 

Corporate Professionals
Business Conversation

Available now

On demand


Anytime 24/7 

Certificate of Completion 

Comprehensive Empathy Program 

Empathy with 14 corporate skills

Improve trust 

Understand others 

Healthier relationships 

Increase engagement & retention

Complete the program in 3-hours 


Available now

On demand 


Anytime 24/7

Certificate of Completion 

Refresher on empathy

Types of empathy 

Importance of empathy at work

Get into the shoes of another

Examine your biases 

Complete the program in an hour

Be able to explain empathy to others 


Person Talking on the Phone

Available now

On demand


Anytime 24/7

Certificate of Completion 

The value of checking-in

Calling-out behaviours 

Individual biases 

Acts of kindness

Includes  empathy activities 

Includes a kindness calendar

Includes an eBook



Why is Empathy a Key Leadership Skill?

- empathy builds trust

- empathy strengthens team bonds

- empathy builds understanding 

- empathy improves wellness  

- empathy improves happiness

- empathy improves team performance 

- empathy reduces conflicts

Are you an
empathetic leader?

Why empathy is vital

Leaders who are empathetic and who are seen to demonstrate empathy towards their team, their colleagues and towards others are typically leaders who are driving results. 

Empathy is necessary.

Since the pandemic the stress levels of people have risen, how we work has changed. In so many ways our lives have changed since the pandemic.

Some of the numbers:

  • 67% experiencing increased levels of stress

  • 54% are emotionally exhausted

  • 28% are having troubles focusing

  • 15% are having troubles thinking 

Empathy helps us to deal

with mental health issues, burnout, stress, focus, and relationships with people at work.

Empathy helps us to achieve

our goals and improve our happiness, our relationships with people who we work with and our productivity.

Some of the numbers:

  • 86% of team members felt they were able to navigate and juggle the challenges of work and life when they experienced an empathetic leader at work.

  • 76% of team members who experienced empathy from their leader engaged at work and with their team.

  • 61% of team members are more likely to be innovative if they perceive their leader as empathetic

  • 59% of female team members said that if they felt respected  and valued they were less likely to leave.

  • 50% of team members felt that under an empathetic leader that their workplace was more inclusive.

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