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are you a growth champion? 

Growth champions come to LeadinGrowth for results. 

Growth champions want to get unstuck, move forward, and achieve their growth goals, happier and faster.  Growth champions are leaders in growth. 

LeadinGrowth helps growth champions with growing their brand, influence & impact


  • high-value branding

  • brand innovation 

  • brand leadership

  • brand consulting 

  • branding workshops 


  • innovation management 

  • innovation leadership

  • brand innovation 

  • innovation consulting

  • innovation workshops


  • empathetic leadership

  • brand leadership

  • innovation leadership

  • leadership coaching

  • leadership workshops 

Empathy-led Brand Growth

a people-centric approach to growing your brand

happier leader
happier teams

Increase your
bottom line

Brand Growth

Get unstuckMove forward & faster

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We want to understand your purpose, your growth goals, & how you'd like to work with us.  We're curious about you.  We want to create a growth experience that works for you & us.   
We chat with you. With your permission we chat with your users, your customers, and your stakeholders to understand your brand from various perspectives.  LeadinGrowth creates brand artefacts from our research so you can use them to share with your teams, as a guide in decision making & how you move forward creating great brand experiences. 
We map out growth pathways and opportunities with you once we understand how you would like to grow your brand, influence & impact. 
In our experiences leaders have different growth goals and objectives.  Increasingly we are seeing leaders who are looking for people-centric approaches to growing their brand.  Some of these leaders like to grow their brand slowly and organically.  Other leaders prefer a speedier approach to brand growth.  Some leaders prioritise brand growth as increasing their market share, reach, and influence.
We have experience across a range of different sectors: tourism, agribusiness, fashion, tech, education, seafood, wine, protein (meat and plant based), circular economy opportunities, and social enterprise initiatives.  We are industry agnostic.  We contextualise the brand growth strategies to your goals, the market, and to growth opportunities.
We created the Brand Leadership Index  and the Seven Lenses of Brand Luxury Growth. 
We are futuristic and forward focused. We research trends helping you to grow into 2030 and beyond.

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Our brand is 35 years in the Higher Education space.

We needed help re-shaping our business model to an online delivery experience. LeadinGrowth helped us to re-calibrate our brand &  our student's online learning experience.  We feel confident that we are well positioned to address the coming changes in higher education thanks to LeadinGrowth.


CEO, Higher-education Brand 

Brand Growth
with New Tech  

Growing your brand often involves implementing new technologies.  This is an opportunity to re-evaluate how you do things with your teams, across your teams, with your customers, and how you plan on working with users of the future.  Integrating technology solutions to improve the brand experience for all of your stakeholders is complicated and complex.  LeadinGrowth collaborates with ways of simplifying how all of the necessary voices are heard so that the solution you implement works for you in achieving your growth outcomes.

LeadinGrowth serves you and assists you with UX / CX Research, creating brand artefacts such as Brand Experience Guidelines to share across your multidisciplinary teams.  We collaborate with you on designing brand growth strategies.  Together, we develop a strategic approach to designing great brand experiences so your brand is favourably remembered at each of your touchpoints by your ideal user / client.

Get the Most out of New Tech. 

Let the Tech work for you, and not the other way around. 

Mitigate Risk.  Grow from the Inside Out.

GROW by optimising how your teams and your users engage with your brand.

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