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At LeadinGrowth, we’re on a mission to improve the success rates of brands. 

We help you with leading, growing, innovating & transforming your business into a high-value leadership brand.
We assist leaders with improving innovation capabilities. 

We help leaders align their ideas & lead innovations to strengthen & build a high-value leadership brand. 

We help you to align ideas & innovations with the brand's purpose, vision & mission. 

We have experience in Innovation Management.

We assist you with aligning your innovations with your Brand Strategy

We help you build innovation skills and capabilities and lead innovations, grow & transform your brand

so that you are in a better place to achieve your tomorrow goals and build a successful brand.

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Brand & Innovation Workshops 

Calm Sea

Innovation Action 

Mar / May / July / 2023

Don't just stand out from the crowd, create your own lane.

We'll take you through the

Innovation Action Framework

To participate, have a brand, an idea, or an experience that you want to progress to the next level.   You will leave the 2-hr workshop with a set of actions.

Design your Dream

April / June / August / 2023

Innovation often occurs because someone had a dream of the way something could be, rather than accepting the way it is now. 
Take your  dream, purpose, or passion, and make it happen.  We give you the structure so you can turn your dream into a reality.  At the end of the 2-hr workshop you'll have a set of action steps.

Running Up the Steps

Innovation Consulting 

Your brand is your business.

We help you with growing, leading innovations & transforming your brand into a high-value leadership brand.

LeadinGrowth collaborates with you, your board, and your stakeholders with ways on improving innovation as a mechanism for growing your brand, influence & impact.

Innovation is an important factor for those of you seeking to grow & transform into a high-value brand.

We have significant innovation experience helping 100+ new ideas successfully launch.  

We have experience in helping teams & dealing with roadblocks, curve balls, and other factors that can hamper the success of a great idea.  We will support you through the innovation process, from idea creation, to a process of action steps, which include synthesizing ideas and elevating the great ideas through the pipeline to launch. 

Our goal is to minimize risk & help you improve your success rates. 

If you want to create an innovation culture within your business ask us about our quarterly innovation hacks.

Man with Dog


4th Generation Beef Producer

We wanted to change our Business Model so there was more consistency with our income.

Karen helped us. 

After conversations with dad, my wife and myself, Karen helped us develop our brand story.  She helped reconfigure our business model, the supply chain, and implement brand & innovation strategies. We're confident about the future and excited with our 2025 Growth Action Plan.


Not everyone is an innovator.  We find most executives look for assistance with improving their innovation capabilities.  Through our innovation consulting services we help you achieve the growth outcomes you are after. 

We collaborate with you on upskilling your teams & / or conducting professional development days / afternoons.

Innovation Hackathons are growing in popularity.

Innovation Hackathons are a way to fast-track innovations across business units or to improve your innovation culture.

Innovation Consulting 

Collaborating with you 

Innovation Workshops 

Facilitating your innovations 

Innovation Hackathons 

Corporate Innovation

"Do not go where the path may lead.

Instead, go where there is no path and leave a trail."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


CEO, Higher-education Brand 

Our brand is 35 years in the Higher Education space.

We needed help re-shaping our business model to an online delivery experience. LeadinGrowth helped us to re-calibrate our brand &  our student's online learning experience.  We feel confident that we are well positioned to address the coming changes in higher education thanks to LeadinGrowth.

Innovation Management 

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Working Together

Empathy-led Innovation 

The empathy-led innovation process is a 3-phase approach that maximises your results as you grow your brand, influence, and impact through innovations. 
Through 15-years of research with over 5000 business leaders, we've improved this process and its results bringing 100+ ideas successfully to market.

Our empathy-led innovation process has its origins in Design Thinking, Agile, Lean & Psychology. The process is scientifically proven, and the last ten years of results show high-growth, happier teams, and an enhanced capability in successfully implementing and managing innovations.

LeadinGrowth's Empathy-Led Approach to driving innovation forward utilises all of the three facets of empathy.  The phases are sequential with a number of action steps and tools within each.  We can teach you the steps and guide you through using the tools.

LeadinGrowth's empathy-led approach begins with cognitive empathy, moves onto affective empathy, and then to behavioural empathy. 

Empathy-led Innovations

Business Team Research

Understanding your Context 

We want to understand the context you find yourself in, and whether you are seeking to innovate inside or outside the organisation (brand).  With your permission we want to identify all of the relevant stakeholders and hear their voices, feelings and ideas.  We will gather insights and research relevant markets.

Empathy-led Innovations

Communicating with Sign Language

Developing Artefacts 

Affective empathy focuses on being able to communicate a shared understanding of your innovation goals, the research and insights gathered.  Doing this involves developing innovation artefacts like empathy maps, value propositions, solution guides, innovation action guides. We use these for decision-making, generating ideas, and for designing solutions.

Empathy-led Innovations 

Business Meeting

Actioning Growth Strategy

Behavioural empathy focuses on the actions that demonstrate understanding of feelings, beliefs, and the contexts of your users, customers and talent.  Together, we develop strategic growth pathways to take you into 2030+. We prioritize, and if necessary, collaborate with you on implementing these growth strategies, helping you to achieve the growth results you are looking for from your innovation investment.

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