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How a Branding Consultant can Transform Your Business Growth

What is a branding Consultant?

We often get asked, what is a branding consultant?  A branding consultant is a professional specialising in advising individuals or businesses on how to establish, build, revitalize and evolve your brand over time and across industries.  To delve deeper we thought we’d share some of what we do at LeadinGrowth.

LeadinGrowth is a branding consulting service that collaborates with clients on developing strategic company brand growth plans that move the business forward.  We ensure the growth pathways in the plans are aligned with the company brand’s purpose, vision, values, goals, target audience and mission.  We collaborate with team leaders helping them to engage their team, also align departments, teams, and individuals with the corporate brand.


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Catalysing Business Growth

We are passionate about catalysing business growth through a unique blend of strategic brand management, innovation, and design thinking.

  • We are a consultancy focused on driving business growth through a holistic approach encompassing strategic brand management, innovation, and design thinking.

  • We partner with diverse clients to co-design, implement and manage customised strategies for sustainable growth.

  • We Innovated "Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards," a unique tool designed to streamline and enhance the brand development process for businesses and teams of all sizes.

  • We involve employees in the branding process to foster a sense of ownership and connection to the brand.   We utilise Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards and we facilitate branding workshops or engagement sessions to gather input, ideas, and feedback from employees, making them active participants in shaping the brand, as the business moves forward.

  • We collaborate with clients to integrate coaching cards into their strategic planning, fostering creative thinking and actionable business growth and brand strategies.

  • We apply Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards to help corporate teams and divisions improve engagement levels, aligning individual and team brands with the corporate brand for enhanced organisational synergy.

  • We integrate Brand-in-a-Box, customer psychology research and marketing insights to develop targeted strategies that resonate with the brand’s target audience.

LeadinGrowth Consulting: Your Branding Partner with 200+ tools


Mergers and Acquisitions

When it comes to mergers or acquisitions, LeadinGrowth Consulting helps companies to:

Integration of Brand Identities / Images: Mergers and acquisitions often involve bringing together two distinct brand identities (management perspective) and images (stakeholders perspective). We help navigate the complexities of merging these identities / images into a cohesive and unified brand that resonates with both internal and external stakeholders.

Communication and Messaging: The process of a merger or acquisition can be a sensitive time for employees, customers, and other stakeholders. LeadinGrowth can assist in crafting effective communication strategies and messaging to ensure a smooth transition and maintain trust in the newly formed entity.

Cultural Alignment: Mergers and acquisitions often involve different organisational cultures.  LeadinGrowth can work to identify common values and align the brand with the newly established corporate culture. This helps in bringing together a sense of unity among employees and creating a consistent brand image and employee brand advocates.

Market Perception: Mergers and acquisitions can influence how the market perceives a company.  We are specialists in conducting market research to understand how the brand is perceived before and after the transaction and helping you to manage the brand during the transition and transformation process.  We develop strategies to enhance or reshape that perception as needed.

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Your Brand Management Partner  

Apart from mergers and acquisitions, there are other situations where you might consider LeadinGrowth as you branding and consulting partner:

Rebranding and Image Management: When your company is considering a brand refresh to its image, or looking to reach new markets, or adapt to changing consumer trends,  LeadinGrowth can provide insights and guidance on how to successfully execute your Image Management Strategy and whether rebranding is necessary.

Launching a New Experience, Product or Service: Introducing a new experience, product or service requires careful consideration of how it fits within the existing brand framework.   LeadinGrowth can assist with Innovation Management Strategies and in creating a brand strategy for the new product or experience that aligns with the overall company brand while highlighting the unique aspects of the new offering.

Brand Audit and Assessment: Periodically, companies may choose to conduct a brand audit to evaluate the effectiveness of their current brand strategy. At LeadinGrowth we recommend companies undertake a Brand Health Check at least once a year.  We also conduct brand audits and assessments analysing the existing brand elements, market positioning, and audience perception to identify gaps, areas for opportunity or improvement.

Brand Protection Strategy: We can develop a comprehensive brand protection strategy that includes proactive measures to mitigate the risk of fakes, replicas, or counterfeiting.  We can assess supply chain integrity to minimise the risk of counterfeiting within the manufacturing and distribution processes.  We can assist with anti-counterfeiting technologies such as holograms, RFID tags, QR codes, and other security features that make it difficult for counterfeiters to replicate products. We can partner with law firms, and assist with legal actions, technology solutions, and partnerships with law enforcement agencies. We can develop consumer education programs to raise awareness about the risks of purchasing counterfeit products. This could include online and offline campaigns to help consumers distinguish genuine products from replicas or fakes.

Internal Brand Communication: We offer or teach effective brand communication within the organisation.   We collaborate with the marketing team, the operations team, and change management and transformation teams, helping them develop internal / external communication strategies and materials that consistently convey the brand message.  We help with ensuring that employees understand and embrace the brand and that their brand-image matches the brand identity.

Training and Development Programs: We are specialist in tailoring training programs to educate employees about the brand, its values, and how their roles contribute to the overall brand experience. This empowers employees to embody the brand in their interactions with customers and stakeholders. We also have a range of boxed Training and Development Programs, which may also suit your needs.

Aligning Brand with Employee Experience:  Ensuring that the employee experience aligns with the brand promises is crucial.  We collaborate with HR departments and people management and wellbeing teams to integrate the brand into recruitment, onboarding, and ongoing employee experience initiatives, creating a consistent brand narrative.

Creating Brand Ambassadors Program:  LeadinGrowth assists in developing and implementing brand ambassador programs. These programs identify and empower employees who are passionate about the brand to become advocates both within the organisation and externally.

Engaging Brand Events and Activities: We help with organizing brand-related events and activities.  These can help create a positive and engaging brand culture. This could include planning days, team-building events, workshops, or initiatives that reinforce the brand's values and empower a culture of community among employees.

Feedback Channels:  We can assist with establishing feedback channels for customers, prospective clients or employees - helping them to share their perspectives on the brand and contribute to its evolution.  LeadinGrowth may recommend and implement mechanisms for collecting and acting upon employee feedback related to the brand.

Measuring and Analysing Customer / Employee Engagement: LeadinGrowth utilises Brand-in-a-Box Workshops, surveys, interviews, ethnographies, and other tools to measure customer / employee engagement externally / internally and with the brand. We analyse this data and consider the value of implementing adjustments and improvements to the overall brand strategy.

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Professional and Personal Branding

LeadinGrowth provides valuable guidance and assistance in elevating both personal and professional branding.

Self-Discovery:  LeadinGrowth can help individuals explore their personal brand essence through their personality, values, strengths, and unique qualities.  We do this through Brand-in-a-Box, interviews, and assessments.  We empower individuals in the process of self-discovery, identifying key attributes that make the individual stand out.

Defining a Professional Brand Strategy: Work collaboratively to define a clear and authentic professional unique value proposition and brand strategy. This includes determining the target audience, unique selling points, and the overall narrative that the individual wants to convey.

Brand Communications: Advise on creating a consistent visual identity, including professional branding elements, personal brand essence and visual presence. We can guide you in the development of a strong online presence, including a well-crafted LinkedIn profile and other relevant social media platforms.

Content Development:  We assist in creating compelling content that aligns with the personal brand strategy. This could involve writing articles, blog posts, or creating other content that showcases the individual's expertise and personality.

Networking Strategies: We provide guidance on effective networking strategies both online and offline. This includes building deliberate meaningful and valuable connections, participating in industry events, and leveraging social media to expand your professional network to meet your career goals.

Public Speaking and Thought Leadership: We partner with people who offer support in developing public speaking skills.  We collaborate with them helping to position you as a thought leader in your field. This may involve identifying speaking opportunities, creating presentation materials, and refining communication skills.

Reputation Management:  We assist leaders and individuals with ongoing management and elevation of their reputation. This includes monitoring online presence, addressing negative feedback, and actively shaping a positive image.

Career Transition Support: We assist individuals in rebranding after career breaks or during career transitions. Whether changing industries or pursuing a new role, LeadinGrowth Consulting can help align the individual’s professional and personal brand with your evolving personal and professional goals.

Brand-in-a-Box and LEGO


To summarise, a branding consultant, such as LeadinGrowth is a business that offers advice and helps to manage the brand, playing a crucial role in helping businesses lead in growth, scale, navigate transitions, such as mergers and acquisitions, and/or in optimising their brand strategy. This includes rebranding, innovations, leadership strategies and launching new products. We deliver comprehensive brand protection strategies to mitigate brand reputation issues that can occur as brand  equity increases. As part of our ongoing brand management strategies we regularly assess the effectiveness of the brand protection and make strategic adjustments as needed. We help create a positive brand culture within an organisation, turning employees into enthusiastic advocates who actively contribute to building and promoting the brand internally and externally.  We facilitate branding workshops, Brand-in-a-Box activities, and Brand Play tools to engage, deep dive, and understand stakeholders. Our expertise often contributes to creating new markets, new growth opportunities, and a strong and cohesive brand that resonates with your target audience achieving the company's objectives. We assist company brands, destination brands, team brands and individuals who pursue a strategic professional branding strategy. We help all types of brands focus on their purpose, vision and values, increase their influence and impact in an ever-changing market.





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