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Purposeful Play

Purposeful Play are experiences that combine the joy of play with purposeful goals, cultivating curiosity, creativity, imagination, teamwork, and innovation. This fun and engaging human-centered approach helps teams enhance their skills while driving meaningful growth outcomes.

Brand-in-a-Box Experiences

Innovation Hackathon

Ignite creativity and problem-solving skills with a dynamic session designed to generate innovative and impactful solutions.

Team Synergy

Strengthen team cohesion and collaboration through engaging activities that align with your brand’s vision and goals.

Customer Experience Enhancement

Develop strategies to elevate customer satisfaction by exploring new ways to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Strategic Brand Evolution

Facilitate a comprehensive review and evolution of your brand strategy, ensuring it remains relevant and impactful.

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Brand-in-a-Box Experiences + LEGO

Product, Experiences + Services Improvement Lab

Identify opportunities for enhancing your products and services through interactive, hands-on activities.

Process Effeciency Sprint

Streamline your processes and systems with focused exercises aimed at boosting efficiency and effectiveness.

Employee Engagement Booster

Enhance employee satisfaction and motivation by addressing pain points and leveraging individual strengths and superpowers.

45-min experiences
90-min experiences
1/2-day experiences
Full day experiences
Bespoke experiences

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Customer Success Stories

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Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards Testimonials

“As a team leader, I've seen incredible transformations within our group ever since we integrated Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards into our activities. The cards provided an innovative approach to defining our team's identity through a branding lens. We were able to articulate not just what we do, but also discovered our collective superpowers, values, and archetypes, which significantly strengthened our cohesion and understanding of one another..”

Sarah T.

Create Compelling Value Propositions 

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Solving Pains
Creating Value

  1. Go through all 48 Pain Point Cards

  2. Identify 3 - 6 pain points

  3. Order the pain points in order of severity, from the most severe pain to the least severe.

  4. Focus on the most severe pain, because alieviating this pain point is likely to increase value.

  5. Brainstorm ways to address this pain point.  What can you do? How can you aleviate this pain?

  6. Find a solution that will alieviate the most severe pain points. Implement the solution. Evaluate the solution.

  7. Develop a value proposition that focuses on the solution you found.

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Empower Potential through Purposeful Play

We're thrilled to introduce LeadinGrowth's innovative Purposeful PlayShop Experiences. This is a transformative journey we have included along with our consulting services.  Our approach blends empathy-led human centric design thinking with the power of "strategic play" resulting in dynamic workshops we fondly call playshops. These Purposeful PlayShop experiences leverage Brand-in-a-Box, Design Thinking, Aglile, Lean, LeadingTeams, LEGO, and various purposeful strategic games to craft bespoke experiences that engage teams through play, empowering people to reach their full potential.

Increase curiosity, empathy and understanding of others.

Teams embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth. Enhance your team's curiosity, confidence, adaptability, innovation and lean skills. By understanding others and improving how people engage, teams collectively operate at their peak, evolving into high-value leadership brands that inspire others to emulate their success.

LeadinGrowth's Purposeful PlayShop Experiences are more than just workshops; they're immersive adventures that cultivate camaraderie, creativity, and excellence within organisations. Join us on this exciting journey, where fun meets productivity, and together, let's unleash the full potential of your team.

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