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Brand Storytelling

Learn to use storytelling to echo your brand and encourage connections

  • 45 minutes
  • 67 US dollars
  • Leadingrowth

Service Description

Storytelling helps people connect with you and your brand. They learn about you. They learn through storytelling why you are passionate, why you serve the people that you do. Through storytelling you can help your prospects and customers to make stronger connections with you. You can help them to make sense of how you do what you do. Powerful brand stories make your customers feel, they connect with you. They make people want to learn more about you, to join your crusade, to be part of something bigger than themselves. People are attracted to powerful stories that have messages. We buy stories before we buy products and services. Are you telling powerful stories about your brand that are attracting people who want to learn more about you? There are a few different ways to tell a compelling and powerful story. Get your team together or do it yourself. Undertake our Brand Story Workshop so that you can improve how you get your story across. Improve how people interact with you and your brand. Stories capture people's emotions as you take them on a journey. People feel compelled to join you or buy from you because they resonate with your story. In this workshop we will learn about you. The workshop is interactive. We want to hear from you and we want you to ask questions. We want you to get the most out of this workshop. This is about you and your story. We show you the different types of stories and we help you craft the storytelling to fits best with you and your brand. Be the creator of your story, develop and grow your story over time. Captivate your audience. Learn how to add chapters to your narrative. Strengthen your brand through the power of storytelling. Keep your audience wanting more. Stories engage your customers and your visitors enticing them to stay longer and to visit you more often. What story will you be sharing? Is your story one of overcoming? Is your story a re-birth? Is your story a quest? Is your story a hero's journey and return? Is your story a rags to riches tale? Is your story a tragedy? Is your story a comedy? Email with your questions, prefered times/days and number of participants so we can assist you with telling your brand story. Join the Brand Storytelling Workshop so you can improve how you tell your story.