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Deep dive into market research

Learn the art and science of understanding new & existing markets

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Service Description

So many people get stuck with market research. They don't understand some of the easy desktop research they can do and how to get much of it for free. Just knowing where to go or having some easy tips on how to start can get you unstuck is what we do for you. Build your confidence in conducting your own market research. Know where to start. Know where to go. Know what to do. Market research is more than setting up a survey to hear customer viewpoints. There is an art and a science to survey design, and learning how to ask the "right questions" and order the questions. Market research can involve desk research, observation research, qualitative research and quantitative research. Knowing when to do what, the order to do it in, and if it is necessary is what we help you with as you take a deep dive into market research. Our role in helping you take a deep dive into market research is to give you the confidence to do it yourself, or at least the knowledge of what is involved so that you can distinguish a quality researcher from the "pack". We show you how to use the tools you already have so you don't need to go and buy more platforms, tools or apps to get started. We give you simple easy to understand information that is practical and guides you through the process. Dr Karen W Miller (PhD) co-authored the book, Marketing Research: an integrated approach solving business problems, the value of market research ISBN9780273694748 in 2010. Karen has been teaching Applied Business Research, Market Research, Data, Decisions and Directions since 2000 to MBA students, university undergraduate students and PhD students. She has learnt how to make learning market research fun, easy to understand, and easy to do. She uncomplicates the scientific jargon and turns it into everyday language. She has a range of simple examples and stories to share with you. Karen's role is to help you gain your own confidence in conducting market research yourself. Karen has a range of Deep Dive Market Research Workshops to share with you. Choose to attend one or choose to attend a range of Market Research Workshops. Gain confidence in using different tools, and knowing which type of research design to use for your research question. The type of question you are asking has an impact on the type of research you conduct. We show you how to know the difference. Contact Karen - organise a personalised Market Research Consult -