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Innovation Coaching

Collaborating with leaders on Innovation Management

  • 30 minutes
  • 67 US dollars
  • Leadingrowth

Service Description

If you've ever been stuck for ideas or ways to take your idea forward, then you're not alone. Unfortunately, most ideas get stuck. Most ideas don't get implemented. Leaders often tell me -- I am experiencing pushback -- I am overwhelmed by naysayers -- My teams aren't moving fast enough -- Our team is under resourced -- I am overwhelmed & so are my team -- the testing and validation stage is taking too long -- I am not sure of the best way to move things forward or along -- I am stuck at the implementation phase Often, coupled with these are other conversations such as: -- how to improve team performance -- how to improve team engagement -- how to ensure the team feel empowered and trusted..... because innovation management is about teams moving along and bringing ideas through to implementation. Often, in these coaching sessions, tips and tricks for improving team performance comes up, which is why I have developed a team toolkit that works well with virtual and other types of teams. Dr Miller has experience in coaching and working with tourism industry leaders, circular economy leaders, vegetable growers, seafood producers, beef producers, wine producers, fashion designers, luxury brand owners, Government departments, thoroughbred industry leaders, university professors, PhD students, students looking for new ways to solve problems, navigate uncertainty, research markets, pivot, develop new business models and the list goes on......... Many of the skills and learnings Karen has developed are from working with over 5000 business leaders. Karen has a huge toolkit and you get access to that toolkit when you embark on innovation coaching sessions with Karen. Why Dr Karen W Miller (PhD)? She is creative and analytical. She is great at thinking up completely new ideas and thinking outside of the box. She has a scientific approach and her attention to detail, number crunching, and data analytical skills are sophisticated, and she develops predictive structural equation models. 20+ years as University Academic (Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Innovation) researching and teaching PhD and Masters' students. 5+ years as a business owner and independent researcher, consultant, coach and mentor. Karen understands the theory and how to apply the theory in various practical scenarios. She has been working online for 20+ years and is used to working with people across the globe and with virtual, hybrid and in-person teams.