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Optimising Customer Experiences

Take action and optimise your customer's experience

  • 45 minutes
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Service Description

Strong, positive, and enduring customer experiences across all brand touch-points are challenging many CEOs, CXOs, CMOs and CIOs Growth Champions and Innovation Managers. Too often brand (the company) focus on the technology, which delivers the experience, rather than on customer experience itself. Brands grow and thrive through optimising customer experiences. Research tells us this. However, too few leaders are looking at how to re-imagine customer experiences, as a way to grow their brands and optimise revenue streams. Leaders might talk about optimising the customer experience however, what happens is often something else. Sometimes other priorities get in the way. This can happen because innovating the customer experience is hard. When innovating the customer experience, you get a chance to see your brand from the perspective of the customer. Often leaders don’t like what they see. No one wants to see all of their flaws. It makes us vulnerable and uncomfortable. The reality is if we want to improve the customer experience, we need to get into the customer's shoes, warts, and all, and see our brand from their standpoint. Have you thought about the sorts of experiences your customers are experiencing when they engage with your brand? Are they passing by on social media as they scroll down, or are they stopping to engage? While there is general understanding of what customer journey maps and customer experience maps look like, there is still too little understanding of how to use these maps for the purposes of optimising the customer experience. Both customer journey maps and customer experience maps tell a chronological story of a customer from first learning about a brand (brand awareness). To optimise the customer experience often requires an innovative approach like a design thinking. A framework like 4DLX-Grow guides the leader and the team through the four-phase innovation process helping them to innovate the customer experience. The 4DLX-Grow Framework helps the team to uncover customer insights from a range of different perspectives, to see the customer experience from the customer’s perspective warts and all, and to find out from the customer the best places along the journey to optimise the customer experience. With this information the CXO and team can redefine how they design, track, and optimise customer interactions across all of the brand’s touchpoints ensuring they are providing customer value in the experience.