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Our team are hybrid and we have been struggling to find news ways to collaborate effectively so I reached out to Leadingrowth.  Karen took our entire team through four different design thinking tools.  She showed us how to decrease our meeting times and increase our output.  She gave heaps of tips. Definitely would recommend and use again.

Ella Williams, Customer Experience Manager



We have shared the Leading Innovation eBook with our team and watched the videos that come with the book.  The book and the videos helped the team understand some of the concepts and ways of dealing with complex issues and holdups. The book is practical and the activities are helpful. After getting so much out of the book we asked Karen to conduct three workshops with our team. She was professional, warm, inviting and showed me new ways to facilitate ideation sessions to get the most out of my team. I would highly recommend Karen and Leadingrowth.

Melvin Washington, Chief Innovation Officer

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Great learning experience! Helped us imagine our future and work backwards.  We can see the steps. Thanks for the clarity, step-by-step guides and simple framework.

Rohan van Wyk, Founder



I work with internal and external stakeholders to deliver innovation projects within our business unit. The practical aspects of the program increased my confidence in leading innovation.  Leadingrowth's  program helped me to develop clear methodologies and practices so we lead and deliver on impactful innovations.

Payton Hillman,  Innovation Manager

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Using the maps, tools and 4DLX-Grow Framework has improved our agility, productivity and performance.  We are more connected and stronger as a team.

Robbie White, CIO



Improving our backlog, getting our teams through happier and faster, thanks to new templates and tools from Leadingrowth

Martin Peters, CTO

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Undertaking a new position in an organisation still trying to understand the role of an Innovation Manager, I found Leadingrowth's program extremely relevant. Their feedback on my project was helpful and their guidance professional.

Byron Sharpe
Business Manager and Innovation Specialist

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Every Monday, first thing, the team gathers for our 30min 4DLX-Grow session and it sets us up for the week to smash our growth goals, we are achieving targets faster and with lower stress levels.

Riley Jones, CXO



4DLX-Grow Framework transformed the way I think about customers. I am more curious.  From the Discovery Steps Course I learnt If I don't get different perspectives from my stakeholders or my team, I ask. This small change has improved our results and the way we deliver value with our customers.

Avery Smith, CEO

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