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Empowering  Tomorrow's Success

Confidently tackle challenges, seize opportunities, scale, sustain growth, improve profitability and new market success with LeadinGrowth business management consulting.

Address Business Challenges with LeadinGrowth

When you feel challenged

Discover a new direction in your business with LeadinGrowth

The direction is unclear

LeadinGrowth is your Business Strategic Partner

You want a strategy

LeadinGrowth will help you find the last piece of the puzzle

To improve your success

Guiding Growth, Inspiring Success

Organisations today face numerous business challenges on their journey to growth. Negotiating competitive markets, responding to shifting consumer preferences, and adapting to global economic changes can feel like navigating a maze. Developing and implementing innovative products, services, or processes that truly stand out requires not just investment, but also a deep understanding of market demands and trends. Equally vital is attracting and retaining talented employees who enhance organisational culture, drive innovation and productivity, a task that demands empathy, curiosity, careful planning and investment.​

Start your business management consulting partnership with us by booking a discovery call

We're here to collaborate closely with your organisation, providing expert guidance in market research, strategy development, human-centric and digital processes, innovation, leadership and strategic branding. Whether it's uncovering new revenue streams, exploring untapped markets, or enhancing organisational culture, efficiency, our strategies are rooted in real-world insights and proven methodologies.

Together, we can navigate the complexities, seize opportunities, and achieve sustainable growth, helping your organisation evolve into a respected leader in your industry. Let's connect for a complimentary call to explore how we can work together to drive your organisation forward.

About LeadinGrowth

Guiding Growth, Inspiring Success

As a business management consulting firm LeadinGrowth helps you navigate business challenges, explore new revenue streams, uncover untapped markets, enhance people culture, improve engagement and efficiencies, bubble up great ideas and take them to market through innovation management.

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Strategic Planning & Development 

When you're seeking expert advice from an business management consultant consider LeadinGrowth as your partner, supporting you on the road to success

Align your Business Vision, goals  and strategies with LeadinGrowth

Vision & Mission Alignment

Ensuring the vision and mission are clearly defined, shared and aligned with the company goals and strategy development.

LeadinGrowth is your Business Management Consulting expert

Market Analysis

Conducting comprehensive

market research to identify new opportunities, understand competitive landscapes, and

guage market demand.

LeadinGrowth will help you to develop your 2050 Strategic Growth Plan for your business

Growth Strategies

Developing strategies for expansion, including new product offerings, revenue streams, new market entry and scaling operations.

Enhancing Brand Experiences

Improve your competitiveness, increase your brand equity by enhancing the brand experiences of your employees and your customers with LeadinGrowth

LeadinGrowth helps organisations gain insights into people

Employee & Customer Insights

Gathering and analysing feedback to improve offerings and brand experiences of all stakeholders

LeadinGrowth helps organisations improve their service design and brand experiences

Service Design Blueprint

Collaborating with your teams to design service delivery to other teams and to customers to improve the experience & increase delight.

LeadinGrowth helps organisations evolve their brand and increase brand equity

Continuous Improvement

Developing strategies to bubble up innovation capacity, educate & improve employee interactions and customer-based brand equity 

Achieve sustainable growth &  profitability with bespoke solutions

Innovation Consulting

Facilitating curiosity, problem solving, creative thinking processes and implementing innovation strategies to drive growth.  Innovate, improve product development, systems and processes, enhance customer experiences and market differentiation.

People Development

Offering leadership assessment, personal branding, coaching, and training programmes to develop and enhance leadership skills across all levels of the organisation. Enhancing visibility, influence, impact and reputation, developing your personal brand.

Discovering Growth

Through market research, customer insights, understanding stakeholders and the brand's ecosystem, we help you discover new opportunities for vertical or horizontal growth, developing strategic plans and implementation strategies.

Internal Branding

Align culture and employees with the company's brand values.  Developing programs to enhance employee happiness, strengthen engagement, culture and ensure consistent representation of the brand in all internal and external communications and behaviours.

Helping you to Improve Operations

Using empathy-driven approaches LeadinGrowth assists you with building a strong culture, improving processes and systems that support your vision, mission and growth strategy so you can achieve your goals faster and happier.

Enhance your Business Growth with LeadinGrowth Business Management Consulting

Process Improvement

Analysing and reengineering business processes for greater efficiency, reduced cost and improved productivity.

Build your business capabilities with LeadinGrowth Business Management Consulting

Resource Management

Optimising the use of resources including human capital, culture, technology, branding and marketing

Enhance your Business Visibility and Success with LeadinGrowth

Performance Metrics

Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs and OKRs) and performance management systems to streamline, track and improve operational performance

Consulting Client Success Stories

Michael B.

LeadinGrowth transformed our approach to market expansion. Their blend of strategic insights and innovative methods helped us identify and conquer new, lucrative markets.  Karen's dedication and expertise has been instrumental in our success

James H.

Working with LeadinGrowth has been a game-changer for our business. Their people-centric strategies and in-depth market research provided us with the tools we needed to drive significant growth in overseas markets. We couldn't be happier with the results.

Jamie L.

LeadinGrowth's unique approach to strategic branding and innovation management has elevated our brand and market position. Their tailored guidance and support have enabled us to achieve our ambitious goals with confidence and clarity.

Unlock the potential of your organisation
with expert guidance in business management consulting, specifically in strategic branding, market research, innovation, and leadership

women collaborating with LeadinGrowth

People recommend LeadinGrowth because they are professional, experienced, creative, and achieve excellent results in business growth. They empower teams through a branding lens, market research, purposeful play and empathy-led approaches to enhance culture, uncover new revenue streams, improve brand experiences and operations, innovate freely, and elevate performance standards, fostering increased team and individual happiness, confidence, and connectivity among employees and across stakeholder teams.

Evolve your organisation into a
high-value leadership brand

Guiding teams to confidently pursue and achieve their boldest goals

Book a complimentary call to ask questions or to explore tailored solutions for your own personal growth journey or for your team or your organisation's growth journey

Ready to elevate your team's impact?

Unlock the potential of your team with a powerful team brand! A compelling brand enhances engagement and also sparks innovation and curiosity, setting your team apart within the organisation. By creating a cohesive identity, your team aligns around shared goals, values, and purpose, boosting morale and collaboration.

Imagine a strong team brand that elevates your organisation’s reputation, attracts top talent, and establishes a culture of collegiality, empathy, and growth.  Are you ready to transform your team’s dynamics? Discover how a distinctive team brand can drive success and make a lasting impact. Book a complimentary call today to ask your questions and get a personalised quote!

LeadinGrowth collaborating with clients

Ready to lead growth, innovate and
evolve your brand through
business mangement consulting? 

When partnering with LeadinGrowth, our collaborative journey unfolds across four key phases: Discover, Define, Design, and Deliver.

​Join LeadinGrowth on a journey from discovery to delivery,

transforming your vision into reality.


Keen to explore how we can help you to grow your business, empower your team, build innovation capacity, lead in growth, evolve your brand from today into 2030 and beyond. Let's start a conversation. Whether you're refining existing goals or creating new ones, or seeking market insights to drive informed decisions and elevate your brand to a leadership level, we're here to assist. Share your aspirations with us and let's discover synergies together. Email or book a complimentary call today to get started.

Let's talk about your vision for growth.

Transform challenges into opportunities
with LeadinGrowth's expert guidance, as your chosen business management consultancy

Transform challenges into opportunities.  LeadinGrowth helps you with defining your objectives, designing your growth roadmap, and delivering  success through best practices and proven methodologies. As a business management consulting firm we assist you with uncovering new revenue streams, discovering new markets, evolving and transforming your organisation into a high-value leadership brand, streamlining processes, improving organisational structure, implementing new technologies, and optimising marketing performance. We assist you in adopting these best practices with enthusiasm, efficiency, and effectiveness, helping you achieve the growth results you desire.

LeadinGrowth Action card deck

Consulting Client Success Stories

5th Gen beef producer


We'd been trying for a while to work out how to keep our premium brands and add a luxury brand to our portfolio.  We saw Karen speak in Tokyo and read her luxury brand papers. Karen met with our executive team and board.  She helped us to reconfigure a new supply chain, redesign the business model, and successfully develop a new luxury brand into new global markets.  She did this without cannibalizing our premium brand and markets

Managing Director, car brand


Our brand was starting to lose traction. Karen undertook customer & market research to help us understand our brand from various perspectives.  Karen developed three clear target market segments matching our branded offerings.  

Together with our leadership team, Karen helped us to develop an overarching brand strategy across our three segments.

We went from almost no growth to having our best year. I would definitely recommend Karen.

CEO, education brand


The results of Karen's research helped us to identify five clear target markets and have a clear picture of our brand.

Karen aligned our purpose, values, vision, solutions and our target markets.

It was a daunting process for which we are grateful that Karen took us out of our comfort zone and into the future.

Today we have a clear direction moving into 2030.

This might be our best year yet.

Elevate your Success
Innovate & Grow with Brand-in-a-Box

Today's organisations face the challenge of fostering innovation, developing their people, and strengthening their brand identities amidst competitive landscapes. At LeadinGrowth, we understand these complexities. That's why we've introduced Brand-in-a-Box, a tailored solution designed to address these exact needs. Comprising two boxes with ten decks each, Brand-in-a-Box provides a structured approach to empower your teams, facilitate dynamic brainstorming sessions, promote collaborative problem-solving, and enhance your ability to innovate.

By collaborating with you and integrating Brand-in-a-Box Experiences into your strategy development, we're not just tackling these challenges; we're transforming them into opportunities for growth and leadership excellence.

Join us in redefining our organisational success with Brand-in-a-Box

Innovation Hackathon

Ignite creativity and problem-solving skills with a dynamic session designed to generate innovative and impactful solutions.

Team Synergy

Strengthen team cohesion and collaboration through engaging activities that align with your brand’s vision and goals.

Customer Experience Enhancement

Develop strategies to elevate customer satisfaction by exploring new ways to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Strategic Brand Evolution

Facilitate a comprehensive review and evolution of your brand strategy, ensuring it remains relevant and impactful.

LEGO + Brand-in-a-Box.png

Product, Experiences + Services Improvement Lab

Identify opportunities for enhancing your products and services through interactive, hands-on activities.

Process Effeciency Sprint

Streamline your processes and systems with focused exercises aimed at boosting efficiency and effectiveness.

Employee Engagement Booster

Enhance employee satisfaction and motivation by addressing pain points and leveraging individual strengths and superpowers.

Customer Success Stories

Brand-in-a-Box by LeadinGrowth revolutionised our team workshops. It made the process of brand building fun and interactive, resulting in heightened engagement and innovative ideas that we hadn't thought of before. Our brand strategy has never been stronger!

Ferdy K.

Using Brand-in-a-Box was a game-changer for our company's rebranding efforts. The purposeful play approach not only energized our team but also led to creative breakthroughs that aligned perfectly with our market goals. It's an invaluable tool for any business looking to evolve their brand.

Ranjit S.

Brand-in-a-Box helped us enhance both team and customer engagement significantly. The strategic framework and innovative exercises guided us in developing a cohesive brand identity and improving our innovation capabilities. LeadinGrowth has truly outdone themselves with this product.

Emma R.


Transform with

Your roadmap to a cohesive brand identity ( your view) and brand image (your customer's view) is possible with Brand-in-a-Box. This innovative toolkit features ten meticulously crafted card decks, each guiding you through essential elements like brand values, customer insights, and visual identity. Perfect for entrepreneurs and established businesses alike, Brand-in-a-Box ensures every aspect of your brand—from messaging to design—reflects your unique story and resonates with your audience. Empower your brand journey today and elevate your business with clarity and creativity.

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