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Grow your Business, Brand & your Influence

Leadingrowth helps Leaders who are interested in learning more about People-Centric Growth Pathways to grow your Business, your Brand or  your Influence. 

When you are ready to Grow, we collaborate with you, we discuss your needs and which Growth Pathway you'd like to take on your Growth Journey. 

Collaborating with you we uncover your passion, your purpose, your Growth Goals, and how you best Learn and Operate. If you haven't got that sorted, that's OK we can help you get get it nailed!

We are curious about you.  We want to learn about you so that we can Create Growth Learning Experiences that address your needs and your timeframes.

Growth Learning Experiences can look like Coaching, Consulting, Facilitation, Workshops, Masterclasses, Programs, Toolkits or Games. Everyone learns differently. We work with you one-on-one, peer-to-peer or you can work on your own at your own pace.  You can ask for support when you need assistance.  We are here to help you. 

If necessary, we help you get unstuck, so that you can continue on your Growth Journey and achieve your Growth Goals, even if it is helping you make the Impossible Possible.

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Your Brand, Business & Influence

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My Testimonial

As a Design Thinking newbie, I wanted to get up to speed so I enrolled in three workshops to begin with. The more I learnt, the more I wanted to know. I enrolled in more workshops and did some one-on-one sessions.  My goal is to become a Master of Design Thinking practices.  Thankyou for giving me the confidence and for the simple and practical workshops that get me doing straight away.

Emma Bailey-Smythe

UX / UI Designer


Lead Growth with Empathy 

Improve your Growth Outcomes
Increase your Success Rates 
Strengthen your Relationships 
High Performance Teams 
Power Up your People Centric approaches to Business Growth


Why Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is a People Centric Collaborative Approach assisting  businesses and people to Grow and Thrive in the midst of Uncertainty, Technological Change or Digital Transformations. 

When applied, it is an empathy first approach to understanding the people you are designing solutions for so you can produce higher success rates and faster from idea to income outcomes.

Ideally, each team is collaborating within an ecosystem with people at its center.   People are the stakeholders and this includes the New Product Development team, the Customers, the CX / UX / UI teams, Business Development, the Backend and the Frontend Developers, the Innovation Management team, the Marketing team, Sales & Support teams, Project Management, IT, Finance, Executive teams, as well as the Board Members and the Investors. Ideally each team are using Design Thinking Agile approaches to design successful solutions that integrate well.

Leadingrowth uses empathy growth people-first approaches and this includes Agile, Lean and Design Thinking methodologies and tools to help you to achieve your Growth Goals.  Get Moving.  Improve your Focus.  Increase your Influence. 

Collaborate with Lead in Growth & feel like you are moving towards your Growth Goals


Agri Growth 
Design Thinking Applications

Grow your business, Brand & Influence 

Our collaborations with Agribusiness Leaders has seen more than 30 Ideas move to profit-making Revenue Streams using Vertical and Horizontal Growth Strategies.

Agri Growth Leaders we collaborate with are into High Value Red Meats, Plant Proteins, Wine, Seafood, High Value Vegetables, New Sources of Proteins and Functional Foods.

We collaborate at all stages through the "Paddock to Plate"  Value-Chain.

We collaborate with Leaders and help them to achieve their Growth Goals.

Imagine you are an Agribusiness Leader, we would ask you how you would like to grow? Is it through Vertical Growth Strategies or Horizontal Growth Strategies? and by when?  We discuss what you have tried and why you're stuck.  When you're ready, we collaborate with you on ways to get you unstuck, keep your focus and move forward with achieving your Growth Goals. 

We collaborate with Agri-Tech Leaders to improve your outcomes and these include:

-  brand growth 

-  smoother consistent revenue streams 

-  new markets, new experiences, new products, services or ideas that facilitate growth

-  consumer research 

-  international markets & international consumer research 

-  how to develop and grow a luxury brand 

-  solutions to reduce counterfeiting

-  solutions to reduce supply chain diversions

-  solutions to improve distribution channels

-  solutions to improve innovation processes

-  discovering nutritious solutions that feed the world.

When you are ready to Grow

Collaborate with Lead in Growth (Leadingrowth) 



We wanted to change our Business Model so there was more consistency with our income. We knew the best way to do this was by developing our own brand.  We didn't know how to develop a brand.  Karen helped us.  After conversations with dad, my wife and myself, Karen helped us develop our brand story.  She helped build the brand, reconfigure the supply chain, and implement brand strategies. 

Marty, 4th Generation Beef Producer

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Your Business, Brand & Your Influence

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Leaders,  how are you addressing your Growth Goals?

Grow your Business, Brand & your Influence 

​Are you looking to Recalibrate Skills across your teams? 

Are you looking for ways to Reset the Conversation with your teams?

Are you looking for ways to Reimagine Collaboration?

Are you bringing New Products to Market?

Are you undertaking a Digital Transformation?

Are you Reimaging New Markets?

Are you Redesigning Delightful Experiences?

Do you want to Fast Track Ideas to Income?

Are your feeling stuck?  Do you want to improve your focus?  Are you looking for Growth Ideas or Growth Strategies?

When you are ready to Grow,  collaborate with Leadingrowth (Lead in Growth)


Join the Growth Conversation

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Grow with New Tech  People-Centric Applications 

We collaborate with New Tech using People-Centric Design Thinking Approaches.  We help Teams co-design their Solutions with their Target Audience. We help them improve how they Integrate New Tech with People Engagement, People Collaboration & People Performance across a business unit and an organization.

Get the Most out of New Tech. 

Let the Tech work for you, and not the other way around. 

Mitigate Risk.  Grow from the Inside Out.

Research I Collaborate I Experiment I Co-Design I Test I Evaluate I Learn I Improve I 


Grow with Effective Customer Collaborations 

Achieve your Growth Goals through Effective Customer Collaborations

We collaborate with you & we show you how

-  Deep Dive into Understanding your Customers

-  Learn from your Customers

-  Co-Design with them Solutions and Experiences they Desire

-  Customer Research, Customer Design, Branded Solutions 

-  Test and Validate with your Customers

When you are ready to grow collaborate with Leadingrowth (Lead in Growth)



Our team are hybrid and we have been struggling to find news ways to collaborate effectively so I reached out to Leadingrowth.  Karen took our entire team through four different design thinking tools.  She showed us how to decrease our meeting times and increase our output.  She gave heaps of tips. Definitely would recommend and use again.

Ella Williams, Customer Experience Manager

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Other Design Thinking Growth Applications

We also Collaborate with Discovery Industries and Health & Wellbeing Sectors

DISCOVERY INDUSTRIES -  these industries include Education, Engineering, Mining, Energy, Gas, and Oil. 

We Collaborate with Leaders and on Vertical Growth Strategies and Horizontal Growth Strategies. 

We Collaborate with Leaders on new ways to Lead and Manage the Innovation Pipeline from Idea to Impact.

We are excited to Collaborate with Leaders on Digital Educational Solutions using Web 3 or Clean Energy Solutions.

HEALTH & WELLBEING -  these Sectors include Mental Health, Physical Health, Gyms, Day Spas, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Hospices, Art Therapy, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, Nutritionists, and Wellbeing practices. 

We Collaborate with Leaders on Vertical Growth Strategies and Horizontal Growth Strategies.  We Facilitate Growth Workshops and we Facilitate Ideation Sessions on Brand and Business Growth in these Sectors. 

The old model of "wait until it breaks then fix it " is no longer relevant. 

We are excited to Collaborate with you on your growth journey and on ways you help people before they break.  

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Why us

We Collaborate with Leaders on Growth Strategies,

whether it is growth into New Markets or  Brand Growth  or

Customer Growth by remaining relevant with Customers or

Growth through creating new Experiences, Products, Services or Ideas 

So far we have helped leaders turn over 100 ideas turn into income streams

Leadingrowth offers a Rare Mix of Expertise and Experience

that is Practical, Applied and Theoretical.

-  Practical - been there and done it. 

-  Applied to businesses and brands

-  Learnt how to effectively navigate the pitfalls and seize the opportunities

-  Theoretical experience in applying over 100 academic business models to "real life" business, teams, and brands. 

PhD qualified.

Applied Expertise and Experience in Business Growth and Brand Growth 

20 + years of Corporate Life and learnings focused on Business Development, Marketing, Sales, Branding and Growth.

25 + years of Consumer, Brand, and Market Research.   

30 + years of collaborating with business owners helping them to grow their businesses

30 + years in Professional Development and People Development.   

20+ years of Researching and Collaborating with Leaders who are Executives,

Business Owners, Producers, Wine Makers, Tour Operators,  and  Creatives 

Design Thinking 

12+ yrs of Design Thinking Research &  Application in Functional Foods, Proteins, Alternative Proteins, Red Meats, Plant Proteins, Tourism, Wine, Fashion & Luxury

Brand Growth 

20+ years of Strategic Brand Growth &  Strategic Luxury Brand Management 

20+ years Researching How to Grow Strong Valuable Brands and Applying the Learnings internationally across 20+ countries.

People Growth 

15+ years of Research into Hybrid and Virtual Teams with a focus on how to Improve Happiness and Performance.

Learning & Growth

20 + years of Online Learning Design, Backwards Learning Design

20 + years Designing Hybrid Learning Experiences

10 + years creating Digital Learning Experiences using COI Framework 

20 + Years teaching Business Executives on their PhD or MBA Learning Journeys

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Great learning experience! Helped us imagine our future and work backwards.  We can see the steps. Thanks for the clarity, step-by-step guides and simple framework.

Rohan van Wyk, Founder



Undertaking a new position in an organisation still trying to understand the role of an Innovation Manager, I found Leadingrowth's program extremely relevant. Their feedback on my project was helpful and their guidance professional.

Byron Sharpe
Business Manager and Innovation Specialist

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