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Grow a high-value leadership brand

Are you building a purpose-led brand?

LeadinGrowth collaborates with purpose-led business leaders on ways to transform into a high-value leadership brand.

We start with a brand health check.  We use our branding cards to help you dig deep about what makes you unique and authentic. 


Your purpose, your vision, and your mission are crucial foundations,  helping you grow strategically, innovate & transform your business into a leadership brand.   With our branding cards and empathy-led approach we help you create growth pathways and achieve key results and outcomes that are aligned with your brand's purpose.

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About us 
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LeadinGrowth is on a mission to reduce the brand failure rates.  Currently most brands fail.  Only about 30% of brands succeed. LeadinGrowth's  purpose is to improve brand success rates.  We want to help move the success needle from 30% to 50% +.   Our dream is one day more brands will succeed than don't.  Collaborate with us.  We want to help you to succeed.  This is why we created our branding cards.  

We have been working with a number of brand business units and franchises. Many of them are struggling to develop their own identity while staying true to the corporate brand.  Through brand health checks we have been helping these leaders and business units stand out, increase their influence, and build a high-value leadership brand. 

Have you booked in for your brand health check?

You'll find out how healthy your brand is and you'll finish with a comprehensive brand guide to follow, helping you to strengthen your brand, and create a high-value leadership brand.  

Annual Brand Health Checks Available now

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Brand Health Checks

When did you last have your annual brand check up?

Are you overdue?

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Branding Workshops

High-Value Branding 

Branding & Innovation

Branding & Leadership 

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Branding Consulting 

Grow your brand, 

manage innovation or create a high-value leadership brand


LeadinGrowth wants to understand your ambitions & growth goals. 

We conduct market research on your behalf.  We listen to the voices of your customers / users / markets, and we hear your stakeholders.  We learn where the gaps and opportunities are, as well as how people perceive & value your brand.

Brand Guidelines

We conduct brand health checks.

We present to you the results of our research in the form of brand artefacts. We create a brand guidelines for you.  We create a brand ecosystem map for you. We share with you simple easy to understand visual reports, maps & guidelines you can use across your teams strengthening your brand or in creating a high-value leadership brand.

Growth Pathways

Brand Growth Consultation Services involves developing strategic growth pathways with you.  On the basis of research and evidence we prioritize growth opportunities, pathways & an implementation action plan. 

We support you in managing your innovations & fulfilling your brand ambitions & growth outcomes.  

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Growth Goal

What type of brand do you have?

LeadinGrowth collaborates with business brands,  purpose-led tech brands, luxury brands, professional service brands, Leaders, agri-brands, functional food brands, circular economy brands, regional towns, health professionals, education, tourism, local Governments (LGAs), Universities & tourism authorities with ways to grow & transform their brands into high-value leadership brands. 

We help CEOs. CMOS, CXOs, CIOs and business leaders tell their stories, move ideas, manage innovations, improve growth outcomes and build high-value leadership brands.  

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5th Gen beef producer


We'd been trying for a while to work out how to keep our premium brand and add a luxury brand to our portfolio.  We saw Karen speak in Tokyo. Karen met with our board and helped us to understand the differences and adjustments necessary with our clientele and our supply chain. Our premium brand remains in 20 markets, including Australia.  We now have a luxury brand in five markets soon to be six. 

Managing Director, car brand


Our brand was starting to lose traction. Karen undertook research to help us understand our brand from various perspectives. She helped us understand changes in our three different customer segments. Together with our leadership team, Karen helped us to develop an overarching branding strategy across diverse segments. We went from almost no growth to having our best year. I would definitely recommend Karen.

CEO, education brand


The results of Karen's research helped us to identify five clear target markets, and have a clear picture of our brand, and the importance of a brand strategy to growth. Karen aligned our purpose, values, solutions and our target markets It was a daunting process for which we are grateful that Karen took us out of our comfort zone and into the future. Today we have a clear direction moving into 2030. This might be our best year yet.

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