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Unlock your Brand Potential with LeadinGrowth 

We transform people & businesses into high-value leadership brands.  When you're going through growthtransformation or change we collaborate with you, your teams & your organisation through our consulting, coaching or workshop services.  When your stalled, stuck or challenged we assist you with moving forward confidently, and achieving your growth goals happier & faster.

with 25yrs + experience we've  helped over 5000 business leaders achieve their growth goals

We are purpose-led.  We empower people, teams & organisations to brands to achieve unprecedented success. Our purpose is to contribute to a world that ensures more brands thrive than falter.   We collaborate with business leaders who are moving across, moving up, or going through transformation or change, whether that is on a personal level, a team level or at an organisational level.  Through our unique discovering processes we seek to understand your aspirations, challenges, and visions. Our approach centers around empathy, listening, understanding & being curious about your talent, target audience, stakeholders & business goals.  Together with you or for you we develop growth and transformational strategies that take your brand from today and into 2030.

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8- Week Course I Certificate of Completion 

  1. A brand's role in change management

  2. Crafting a brand-centric change strategy

  3. Leveraging brand assets 

  4. Stakeholder engagement 

  5. Brand & company alignment 

  6. Innovation & brand growth 

  7. Monitoring & measuring success

  8. Case studies & best practices 

Brand Transformation, Growth & Change

In today's dynamic business landscape, effectively managing brand evolution is paramount for sustained success.

LeadinGrowth is dedicated to empowering leaders & businesses to transform &  achieve exceptional growth.


Using Empathy-led approaches we take a branding lens to transformation and change management.  


We collaborate with Transformation Managers and 

Change Managers seeking to drive Brand Transformation & Organisational Growth

Empathy-led brand transformation is an approach to redefining and reshaping a brand that places empathy at its core. It involves understanding, acknowledging, and responding to the emotional and psychological needs and expectations of customers, employees, and stakeholders throughout the brand transformation process. This approach recognises that empathy is a powerful driver of brand authenticity, customer loyalty, and business success

Elevating Business Growth through Empathy-Centric Branding Strategies

We go beyond conventional methods to usher in a new era of business growth. With a keen branding lens & extensive research skills, we gather insights & meticulously craft strategies that spotlight your essence, purpose, aspirations, and values to take you from today into tomorrow. What truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to empathy-led, human-centric approaches. By deeply understanding your audience, the markets, empathising with your audiences specific needs, and aligning your business purpose.   We forge connections that transform into lasting relationships.

Client Success Stories

5th Gen beef producer


We'd been trying for a while to work out how to keep our premium brands and add a luxury brand to our portfolio.  We saw Karen speak in Tokyo. Karen met with our board and helped us to understand the differences and adjustments necessary with our clientele and our supply chain. Our premium brand remains in 20 markets, including Australia.  We now have a luxury brand in five new markets soon to be six. 

Managing Director, car brand


Our brand was starting to lose traction. Karen undertook research to help us understand our brand from various perspectives. She helped us understand changes in our three different customer segments. Together with our leadership team, Karen helped us to develop an overarching branding strategy across diverse segments. We went from almost no growth to having our best year. I would definitely recommend Karen.

CEO, education brand


The results of Karen's research helped us to identify five clear target markets, and have a clear picture of our brand, and the importance of a brand strategy to growth. Karen aligned our purpose, values, solutions and our target markets It was a daunting process for which we are grateful that Karen took us out of our comfort zone and into the future. Today we have a clear direction moving into 2030. This might be our best year yet.

Coaching Cards

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For Businesses, Industry Bodies & Governments we conduct research to assist you in achieving your goals.  We help you to identify gaps and growth opportunities.  We conduct market research, consumer research or community research.  We facilitate growth opportunities through research, brand storming, and co-design empathy-driven growth strategies with you or for you. Together, we navigate the branding landscape with a lens of empathy, driving meaningful growth that captures hearts & minds of your communities, customers & advocates.  

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Let's embark on a journey that transcends traditional growth models. Reach out to us today and experience firsthand how our branding lens & research approach to business growth, coupled with empathy-led innovation management, market research & new market growth opportunities can revolutionize your business trajectory

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