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LeadinGrowth is dedicated to guiding business growth and inspiring success.

Through the lens of a brand, we help executives and leaders achieve audacious growth

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Guiding Growth - Inspiring Success

Conversation between Colleagues

Over 20 years we've helped 5000+ leaders with successfully achieving their growth goals.

Guiding Growth, Inspiring Success through a Branding Lens

Our expert consultants at LeadinGrowth are here to guide you every step of the way. Receive personalised consulting or coaching sessions that transform ideas into newfound insights and actionable strategies.

Drive Your Business Forward with LeadinGrowth

Our expertise includes guiding business growth, forging into new markets, facilitating strategic planning days, facilitating strategy, growth or engagement workshops, market research, global markets entry strategies.  To empower leaders more effectively, we created the innovative Brand-in-the-Box Coaching Cards and Digital Business Growth Deck Series. These cards assist leaders with finding fun ways to move faster towards achieving their growth goals.  We teach them how to integrate play to improve happiness, productivity and team engagement.  We use the coaching cards to foster happier work environments, enhancing team performance, facilitating engagement activities, develop personalised work-play workshops, strategic planning days and coach leaders. We created these coaching cards to empower leaders to guide growth and inspire success for themselves, with their teams and in their business.

We see your company, department, teams and your people as brands.  When we talk about brand growth we are talking about growing your company, helping your department, division or team to stand out and get noticed.  We engage your people, collaborating with them, developing professional and personal brands for your people, helping them to be better brand advocates for your company, and to position them as thought leaders in your industry and business. By approaching business, team and people growth with a branding lens, we help leaders more effectively achieve their growth goals happier and faster.  As brand management partners, we focus on growing and scaling your business, building brand equity, and establishing a leadership position for your brand. Our human-centric approach combines empathy with technology, machine learning, and AI to strategically guide your people and business towards greater success and alignment with your purpose, vision, values and mission.

Consulting Client Success Stories

5th Gen beef producer


We'd been trying for a while to work out how to keep our premium brands and add a luxury brand to our portfolio.  We saw Karen speak in Tokyo and read her luxury brand papers. Karen met with our executive team and board.  She helped us to reconfigure a new supply chain, redesign the business model, and successfully develop a new luxury brand into new global markets.  She did this without cannibalizing our premium brand and markets

Managing Director, car brand


Our brand was starting to lose traction. Karen undertook customer & market research to help us understand our brand from various perspectives.  Karen developed three clear target market segments matching our branded offerings.  

Together with our leadership team, Karen helped us to develop an overarching brand strategy across our three segments.

We went from almost no growth to having our best year. I would definitely recommend Karen.

CEO, education brand


The results of Karen's research helped us to identify five clear target markets and have a clear picture of our brand.

Karen aligned our purpose, values, vision, solutions and our target markets.

It was a daunting process for which we are grateful that Karen took us out of our comfort zone and into the future.

Today we have a clear direction moving into 2030.

This might be our best year yet.

How do you know if you are experiencing Inertia?

Sales Decline?

Seeing sales decline? Not staying up-to-date or introducing relevant or new experiences, products, or services?    When consumers see a brand as outdated, this can lead to a decline in interest, declines in sales and market share.

A. LeadinGrowth Innovation Management Services

Low Tech Usage?

Struggling to stay up-to-date with AI, Automation or implementing ineffective or outdated marketing?  Are you seeing diminished audience engagement, and challenges in connecting with your audience?

A. LeadinGrowth Business Consulting Services

Short-Term Focus?

Prioritising short-term wins and sales?  Struggling to keep customers, scale, build word-of-mouth, develop a tribe of brand advocates, build brand equity, and develop a strong resilient brand image that will weather changes in the market.

A. LeadinGrowth Brand Management Partnerships

Serving everyone?

Insufficient understanding of who you serve best? Looking for insights into your audience's desires, motivations, preferences, and behaviours? What pain points do you have solutions for already?

A. LeadinGrowth Research & Consulting Services

Power Up Your Business Growth with
Targeted Branding Consulting

Customer Research

Uncover the psychology behind customer behavior with our applied scientific research, enabling you to understand your audience, tailor your branding & messaging to resonate deeply with your audience.

Client Engagement

Optimise brand advocacy and customer satisfaction with our innovative customer engagement strategies, customised to create meaningful connections and drive long-term brand advocacy.

Customised Solutions

Receive customised, data-driven solutions that address your organisation's specific needs, offering a bespoke approach to brand management, business growth, and team engagement.

Marketing Research

Gain a competitive edge through in-depth marketing research, providing actionable insights that inform targeted strategies, ensuring your marketing efforts are precise and impactful.

Team Engagement

Empower a culture of empathy and excellence through strategic team alignment and engagement initiatives. Create a workplace where your talent  achieve shared business goals and objectives.

Business Growth

Our business growth consulting services are designed to identify untapped opportunities, optimise operations, and implement strategies that fuel consistent and measurable business expansion.

The Power of Brand Management Partnerships with LeadinGrowth

With consumers bombarded by countless choices, companies need more than just a great product or service—they need a brand that stands out. This is where brand management partnerships come into play, and why engaging with a specialised service like LeadinGrowth can be a game-changer.  We collaborate with with you and your marketing team to strategically enhance and strengthen your brand, growing it, and building brand equity, optimising the worth of your brand, evolving it into an asset on the balance sheet.

Book a Discovery Call to learn how you can engage with LeadinGrowth in a Brand Management Partnership

Engage Expertise

As experts we help you understand the intricacies of branding, enhancing brand growth, leveraging equity, market trends, and consumer behaviour.  Tap into this knowledge so you can elevate your brand.

Innovative Solutions

Inertia is the enemy of successful brands. Brand management partnerships with LeadinGrowth involves a continuous search for innovative solutions to keep the brand relevant, authentic, true to your purpose, and ahead of the competition. 

Strategic Branding

We excel in formulating comprehensive brand strategies that align with business goals.  We collaborate with you and manage the ongoing process that adapts with you and market changes.

Measurable Results

Brand management partnerships with LeadinGrowth are not just about theoretical concepts—they are about delivering tangible results. Through key performance indicators (KPIs) and data-driven insights measuring the impact of your brand.

Empowering Your Branding Success with Strategic Consulting

Move from Interia to Success

Brand Management

Forge lasting brand management partnerships that guide your sustained success, leveraging our strategic insights and collaborative approach to enhance brand equity and drive business growth.

Catalysing Growth

Experience accelerated business growth through brand science, combining brand transformation, strategic planning, and targeted innovation management to propel your organisation forward.

Brand Transformation

Navigate the complexities of brand transformation and change seamlessly with our expertise.  Reduce the bumps in the transition process.  Align stakeholders with your evolving brand. Evolve your brand with dynamic market expectations.

Branding Consulting

Enhance your market presence with our expert branding consulting services, discover new markets, customised solutions to amplify your unique value proposition and brand engagement experiences 

Leadership Branding

Cultivate a high-value leadership brand that resonates with internal teams and external stakeholders, as a driving force for innovation, growth, and organisational excellence.

Strategic Branding

Craft a robust brand strategy that goes beyond traditional frameworks, providing a roadmap for business growth, sustained success, market relevance, a competitive edge and a leadership position in your industry or market.

Grow & Succeed

Our Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards are designed to empower your team and your business, providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge to make informed growth decisions. 10 decks guiding growth and inspiring success.


Our experienced consultants work with you to develop a personalised plan that fits your needs, goals and budget.

Learn more. Book a 15min discovery call.

Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards

Find Your Winning Business Growth and
Brand Strategy with Coaching Cards

  • Brand-in-a-Box: Crafted specifically for brand development, this series empowers you with tools to shape your brand identity with precision.

  • Digital Business-in-a-Box: Tailored for business leaders seeking accelerated growth, this digital series provides strategic insights and innovative approaches to propel your business forward.

With LeadinGrowth's Coaching Card Decks, you can navigate the complexities of business growth and people development with clarity and purpose. We believe in equipping you with the tools to not only succeed but to thrive in the competitive landscape. Join us on this transformative journey where consultation meets empowerment, play, innovation, and elevation.

What users of 
Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards
are saying ......

“As a team leader, I've seen incredible transformations within our group ever since we integrated Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards into our activities. The cards provided an innovative approach to defining our team's identity through a branding lens. We were able to articulate not just what we do, but also discovered our collective superpowers, values, and archetypes, which significantly strengthened our cohesion and understanding of one another..”

Sarah T.

Tap into universal symbols and themes that resonate with human emotions and experiences.

Archetypes Front of Box.png

Embark on a transformative journey with 'Brand Archetypes-in-a-Box,' where 72 carefully crafted cards await to guide you through the maze of brand development.

Dive into a world of curated words, archetypes, and strategic insights that will redefine your brand's narrative. 

  • 48 Word Cards designed to carefully reveal your brand archetype.

  • 12 Brand Archetype Cards revealing your bespoke brand identity.

  • 12 Brand Strategy Cards to apply your unique brand strategy & storytelling

Transform Your Brand: Empower your creative journey and shape a brand that stands out, connects, resonates and leaves a lasting impact.

Unlock the potential of your brand story – order your 'Brand Archetypes in a Box' and let words breathe life into your brand strategy. Your journey to a captivating brand identity starts now.

Craft a Personal Brand that Speaks your Truth

Everyone possesses unique strengths that set them apart. With our Superpowers Deck, identify your extraordinary abilities and leverage them to supercharge your personal brand, making you unforgettable in the eyes of those you seek to influence.

Embark on a self-discovery adventure using our Values Deck. Uncover the core principles that define you, setting the foundation for a personal brand that aligns seamlessly with your true self.

Dive deep into the realm of archetypes, unlocking the mysteries of your unique personality and the narrative that captivates your audience. Our Archetypes Deck guides you in shaping a brand story that leaves an indelible mark.

LeadinGrowth empowers you to craft a brand that stands out and stands for something meaningful.


LeadinGrowth's Values, Archetypes, and Superpowers Coaching Card Decks are more than tools; they're the catalysts for your evolution. Transform yourself, craft your personal brand, and in doing so, transform your life. The world is ready for the authentic, powerful you.

Ready to craft a personal brand that leaves an impact? Book your coaching session now and take the first step toward a brand that speaks your truth. Your journey to authenticity starts here with LeadinGrowth.

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