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Lead in growth (Leadingrowth) programs, design thinking school and consulting for leaders who are

Growth Champions, Creatives, Innovation Managers, Entrepreneurs, CXOs, CMOs, CEOs and CIOs.

Improve customer experiences, create new revenue streams, grow your brand, improve your mindset, lead and manage your innovations and improvements happier and faster. 

Master innovation, guide your team to happier and faster people centric outcomes using design thinking. 

Helping leaders improve the world, one business at a time, through human centric approaches.

See our blog for answers to your design thinking and business growth questions. 

Organise a workshop that suits the needs of your business, tell us what you need, and we'll give you a selection of workshops to choose from.  Alternatively, we can create a workshop just for you. Our workshops are from 1-2 hours, half day, full day, 1-2 days. Choose the topic and timeframe that best suits you.



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Innovation Manager, Growth Champion, Creative, Business Owner, CXO, CMO, CIO or a Digital Champion

Lead in Growth collaborates with creative leaders and together we look at ways we can improve the world, one business at a time, through human-centric, people first approaches. 

You asked us for programs that centre on innovation, mindset and brand growth, we delivered.

You asked us to create a Design Thinking School, which focused on designing happiness, new product development and designing great experiences, we delivered.

You asked us to consult with you to look at new ways to grow your business, be that creating done-for-you solutions, collaborative solutions or through how to solutions and applied business research, we delivered. 



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for leaders & growth champions

If you are struggling with thinking outside the box, coming up with new ideas, or if you are just looking for a fresh set of eyes to collaborate with you and your team then we can help you co-create innovative solutions.

If you're looking for a simple framework to learn 

Or if it's not for you, if it is for someone you know, you can send them a gift card



We see higher levels of growth champions in the following industries:

Discovery industries like education, engineering, mining, energy, gas, and oil.  Leaders and growth champions within these industries look for new discoveries and manage the implementation of discoveries, novel ideas, and innovations. 

Agribusinesses include red meats, seafood, plants, sources of proteins, functional foods, grains, and their value chains, distribution networks, and retail outlets.  Leaders look  to improve the land, increase production, find better or more nutritious ways to feed the world. We are seeing the rise of slow foods, reduced food footprints, branded food solutions, and the rise of innovative food solutions.

The health and wellbeing industries, which include mental health, physical health, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, hospices, day spas, gyms, art therapy, psychologists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, nutritionists, and wellbeing practices.  We are seeing the rise of leaders in non-traditional practices, providing holistic services to improve physical and mental wellbeing of people.  We are seeing the rise of leaders who are focusing on education and preventative practices to help keep people healthier longer. 



Helping you achieve your growth goals

with a people-centric approach 

Leadingrowth offers a rare mix of practical and theoretical experience across a range of industries. Practical, been there and done it. Theoretical,  understand a large array of academic models.  Our unusual high-level capabilities and skill set is of value, as it helps leaders to grow their brands, develop new offerings, and future plan.

PhD qualified. 20 + years of Corporate Life and learnings. 25 + years of Research.   

More than 30 years of helping business owners grow their business.   

25+ years in professional development and people development.   

20+ years in Agribusiness, tourism, sports tourism and sports marketing businesses. 

Nearly 20-years of online educational design, teaching MBA and PhD students, researching and working with executives and leaders at all levels. 

12+ years of Design Thinking Research and Application.   

20+ years of Branding, Strategic Marketing, Consumer Research and Application. 

20+ years of research into building strong brands applied to premium and luxury brands across 10+ countries.

15+ years of research into hybrid and virtual teams with a focus on how to improve happiness and team performance.

Design Thinking experience in exploring various design thinking models. 12-years of research and application of design thinking models while working with over 5000 leaders, learning what works, how to improve what works, and strengthening the people centric approach to design thinking to create the  4DLX-Grow Framework



Undertaking a new position in an organisation still trying to understand the role of an Innovation Manager, I found Leadingrowth's program extremely relevant. Their feedback on my project was helpful and their guidance professional.

Byron Sharpe
Business Manager and Innovation Specialist

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Smiling Woman


Our team are hybrid and we have been struggling to find news ways to collaborate effectively so I reached out to Leadingrowth.  Karen took our entire team through four different design thinking tools.  She showed us how to decrease our meeting times and increase our output.  She gave heaps of tips. Definitely would recommend and use again.

Ella Williams, Customer Experience Manager



Great learning experience! Helped us imagine our future and work backwards.  We can see the steps. Thanks for the clarity, step-by-step guides and simple framework.

Rohan van Wyk, Founder

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We mostly collaborate with leaders in the circular economy, tourism, functional foods, agribusiness, education, Governments, creative industries, fashion, fashion accessories, wellness and wellbeing space. 

We are industry agnostic as human centered approaches cut across all industries.

Industries currently undergoing re-imagining and we are collaborating with include:

  • media & entertainment

  • technology products & services

  • education 

  • financial services

Our tools and frameworks help leaders drive happier and high-performing teams. 

Leadingrowth helps leaders

  • re-imagine tomorrow

  • share their vision more effectively

  • strengthen ways in which they effectively engage

  • produce better outcomes with their people for their brands.