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with branded impactful solutions



You've come to the right place. Leading Growth is a design school for creatives and innovation masters, helping leaders and their teams move happier and faster using tools, frameworks, design thinking and innovation management education. We offer workshops, consulting services, and courses that will help your team grow in ways you never thought possible.   Our goal is to help leaders and their teams move happier and faster with tools, frameworks, design thinking and innovation management education, workshops, and consulting. We're friendly too!  Click for information about our programs or 4DLX-Grow.



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We know that the world is changing.  The pace of change is accelerating, and it's becoming harder for leaders to keep up. It's time we rethink leadership. That's why Leadingrowth exists – to help people lead happier lives by helping them become more innovative leaders.  You want to be happy and fast-paced? You want to have a community of people who are on the same page as you are? Then we're here for you! Come join us at one of our workshops today!  Click on the link to join our workshops or a program today.


Do you struggle with getting your brand noticed? Are you looking for simple formulas that move you forward?  Do you have ideas, but they keep getting stuck?  Are you struggling to monetise your creative ideas? 

Would access to a bunch of simple formulas, tools, templates, with instructions on how to use them, ongoing support, and a place to get your specific growth questions answered help you with your growth goals?

If you are like the many growth champions, innovation masters and digital creatives who tell us they feel like they are swimming upstream, as they try and tackle their growth goals.  If you are like these leaders and you feel that every time you move forward you are being dragged back, just like a rip at the beach. We have simple growth toolkits and templates, we show you how to use them, we offer ongoing support if you need, and strategies to deal with the rips and the undertows that try and drag you away from your goals.  We help leaders so they feel like they are swimming with tide. We have guides, tools, consulting services, and programs to help you with your growth goals and to swim with the tide.


Are you looking for creative freedom?  Are you looking for simple tools that give you more time doing what you love best? Tools that give you a framework, guide and support you in growing your brand, and moving your creative ideas along?  

If you are a digital creative, a digital entrepreneur,  a growth champion or an innovation master, we help you move forward with branded, impactful & purposeful solutions, happier and faster. To do this we bring research, experience, tools and ideas.  We help you with people-centric & design thinking approaches. We offer you support, consulting services, coaching, workshops, programs and masterclasses to teach you how and to help you with tool selection. You have a choice. You can choose from a range of "out of the box" tools and programs or we can create a toolkit and program specifically for you.


to see improvements in:

  • efficiencies in processes, and systems

  • effectiveness of interactions with peoples within systems

  • working together collaboratively

  • people wellbeing

  • financing of ideas

  • bringing new offerings to market

  • ways of paying for offerings

  • profit margins

  • finding new markets

  • productivity

  • developing a culture of innovativeness

  • challenging the status quo


for business leaders

Our programs and services help leaders navigate uncertainty, ambiguity, simplify complexity, improve their wellness across their teams, as they pivot, make improvements, lead change, and bring innovations to life.

Having a guide, frameworks or templates helps with the fogginess that can occur when trying to work out the best way to start. The frameworks act as a guide for leaders as they contextualise them for their own situation, industry, or issue, put their own spin on it so they can move forward with ease.  Frameworks reduce the fogginess, strengthen confidence in moving forward, and assist with getting unstuck. Often moving forward means moving into the unknown.  Having a robust set of tools and frameworks to guide helps reduce anxiety associated with unknowns, particularly, when the frameworks help leaders to produce the outcomes they seek, over, and over, again.



Some of our leaders want "done for you" solutions.  Other leaders say "let's work together"and prefer a consultancy approach.   Other leaders prefer to "learn how" so they can do it themselves, drive their own innovations, improve their innovation outcomes and lead happier teams faster through the innovation pipeline.

We help leaders who are trying to improve their innovative capabilities, leaders who are analytical, and want help with finding their creative genius and re-learn how to flex their imagination muscle. We also help leaders who use their creative genius daily, who imagine often, are fantastic at coming up with new ideas, yet need help with bringing the greatest of those ideas to life. It doesn't matter whether you are a creative or analytical or somewhere in between, our frameworks, tools, and roadmaps can assist you with where you want to go. We help leaders move forward. 

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For the leaders who want to "learn how" and build capabilities so they can do it themselves, we offer programs

Our online learning programs are easily adapted and customized to meet various industry leader needs, no matter where they are located. We offer leaders a choice of out-of-the box programs or customized programs. 

Every program comes with full support through Zoom, email or video sessions.  Bring your work problems with you.  Work on developing solutions through our programs. 

We provide templates, tools, guides, and practical advice from years of learning through doing. Our programs are practical and designed to guide you as you focus on leading your team.


Practical, step-by-step guidance
Certificate of Completion 
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24/7 access


On demand
Available 24/7
Certificate of Completion 
$ 87.00

Corporate Empathy comprehensively covers empathy and the relationship between empathy practice and 14 must-have "soft-skills" and "capabilities" for the corporate world.  Together these contribute to a happier, more productive environment.  Empathy helps to improve growth, lifelong learning, and innovation can fuel further growth and empathy, and increase overall happiness.  Binge watch the videos and readings in under a day.  Alternatively, complete the program over at your own pace so you have time to digest, learn, understand and implement the ideas to create a happier and more productive workplace.

Confident Woman

On demand
Available 24/7
Certificate on Completion 

Innovation Leader is a short program that can be binge watched or taken over a period of weeks.  We suggest undertaking Innovation Leader across several weeks and with a project.  You can work on the project using the steps and activities.  If you have an idea and you want it to succeed then use Innovation Leader to help you.  There are step-by-step guidelines, tools, ideas, and suggestions. After completing this program you will feel more confident to lead successful innovation projects.

People In Discussion

On demand
Available 24/7
Certificate of Completion 

If you're looking for a short program you can binge watch in around an hour and it will give you a crash course on empathy, then this is for you.  After watching doing the readings, quizzes and watching the videos you will be able to simply explain empathy to anyone. Bonus activity included. Receive an Empathy Badge and a Certificate of Completion.

Music App

On demand
Available 24/7
Certificate of Completion 

You've got an idea and it needs testing.  You want to reduce your risk and see if your idea has legs? If validation is challenging you, then this short program is for you.  This program will take you through from idea through to idea validation. You will get the tips and tricks. Go from idea to outcome.  The bite size videos give you the guides. You can binge watch in a couple of hours or you can follow the steps and watch each video when you are ready to complete the necessary step.



We see higher levels of growth champions in the following industries:

Discovery industries like education, engineering, mining, energy, gas, and oil.  Leaders and growth champions within these industries look for new discoveries and manage the implementation of discoveries, novel ideas, and innovations. 

Agribusinesses include red meats, seafood, plants, sources of proteins, functional foods, grains, and their value chains, distribution networks, and retail outlets.  Leaders look  to improve the land, increase production, find better or more nutritious ways to feed the world. We are seeing the rise of slow foods, reduced food footprints, branded food solutions, and the rise of innovative food solutions.

The health and wellbeing industries, which include mental health, physical health, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, hospices, day spas, gyms, art therapy, psychologists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, nutritionists, and wellbeing practices.  We are seeing the rise of leaders in non-traditional practices, providing holistic services to improve physical and mental wellbeing of people.  We are seeing the rise of leaders who are focusing on education and preventative practices to help keep people healthier longer. 



Growth champions are leaders who lead leaders. 

Growth champions lead growth & change. 

Growth champions have growth goals.

We help and see growth champions empowering people to grow.  Growth champions  encourage people to think outside the square.  Growth champions empower people to improve and innovate, rather than accepting the status quo.  Growth champions are lifelong learners. Growth champions raise themselves and raise others.  Growth champions understand raising people with a growth mindset and an improvement mindset helps the business to grow. Growth champions listen to people. They are empathetic.  Growth champions discover new ways to problem solve.



Helping you achieve your growth goals

with a people-centric approach 

Leadingrowth offers a rare mix of practical and theoretical experience across a range of industries.  Helping leaders to grow their brands, develop new offerings, and future plan.

PhD qualified. 20 + years of Corporate Life and learnings. 25 + years of Research.   

More than 30 years of helping business owners grow their business.   

25+ years in professional development and people development.   

20+ years in Agribusiness, tourism, sports tourism and sports marketing businesses. 

Nearly 20-years of online educational design, teaching MBA and PhD students, researching and working with executives and leaders at all levels. 

12+ years of Design Thinking Research and Application.   

20+ years of Branding, Strategic Marketing, Consumer Research and Application. 

20+ years of research into building strong brands applied to premium and luxury brands across 10+ countries.

15+ years of research into hybrid and virtual teams with a focus on how to improve happiness and team performance.

Design Thinking experience in exploring various design thinking models. 12-years of research and application of design thinking models while working with over 5000 leaders, learning what works, how to improve what works, and strengthening the people centric approach to design thinking to create the  4DLX-Grow Framework



We help leaders in the circular economy, tourism, functional foods, agribusiness, education, Governments, creative industries, fashion, fashion accessories, wellness and wellbeing space. 

These are the industries we identify with the most, and have the most experience working with in helping leaders to grow their ideas, their brands, their people, and their businesses. 

Our frameworks and tools help leaders drive happier and high-performing teams. 

We help leaders share their vision more effectively, and strengthen ways in which they effectively engage and produce better outcomes with their people for their brands.