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About Us

LeadinGrowth is a business growth and branding consulting company dedicated to improving global business success.  We help you by prioritising branding, innovation and leadership growth as fundamental aspects of moving the growth needle.  We offer you personalised solutions, innovative strategies, and empathy-driven insights to help your organisation succeed.  Our commitment involves ensuring that growth is at the forefront of every agenda, from board meetings to new product innovations, reflecting a disciplined focus on achieving growth. LeadinGrowth embodies the characteristics of a growth leader as outlined by McKinsey, emphasising beliefs and behaviours that drive successful growth strategies in businesses.

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LeadinGrowth offers a range of products, experiences and services to help organisations achieve growth and success. One of the products we offer is Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards, which are designed to elevate personal brands, empower teams, spark innovation, and enhance business  performance. These coaching cards provide a pathway to team empowerment, innovation, and growth, helping organisations take a leadership position in the market, improve innovation and creativity, build, elevate and amplify a strong brand internally and externally.

LeadinGrowth's Core Values
& Actions 

Integrity -  We act with integrity and authenticity in everything that we do.  We are honest and proud of who we are and who we are becoming.

Respect -  We respect and embrace differences with curiosity and empathy.  We acknowlege everyone is different, has unique gifts, ideas, a voice to be heard and value to give. 


Excellence - We pursue excellence, setting high standards and constantly seeking ways to improve and exceed them. 

Our Story

LeadinGrowth's story begins with visionary founder, Dr. Karen W Miller, on a three-decade quest to improve and redefine the narrative of business growth and brand success. Fueled by the desire to reduce company brand failure rates, Karen left industry to embark on a transformative journey, earning her Ph.D. in branding in 2006. With a rich background as a Leader, Educator, Researcher, Author, Branding, Marketing, and Innovation Pracademic, Karen saw the potential for greater impact through full-time business consulting.​ In 2020, after two decades in academia, Karen made the bold decision to improve her impact and channel her dedication for increasing business growth and brand success into LeadinGrowth. Central to her approach is what she terms an "Empathy-led Approach," a unique fusion of her own superpowers of empathy, research and creativity inclusive of human-centric Design Thinking approaches, innovation, leadership and a branding lens applied to growing and inspiring success into organisations, people, and teams. 

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