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Are you looking for simple, easy to use frameworks and tools that will help you do what you do best, and give you simple structures to grow your ideas?

To assist creatives, digital entrepreneurs, growth champions and innovation masters we have specialised toolkits and frameworks that guide you, support you, and assist you with achieving your growth goals.

We teach these tools and show you how to use them.  We provide you with tips and hacks, we have learnt from 30+ years of experience working with business leaders, helping them to achieve their growth goals. 

  • You can choose to learn by yourself through our online programs. 

  • You can participate in a workshop

  • You can come along to an online masterclass  

  • We can work together through our online consulting services 

We help leaders empower their people to move faster and happier through to innovation implementation.  We show executives how to use tools to improve the way they innovate, lead, and grow.      



Design your learner experience 

We are developing an online learning experience that puts you at the center of your own learning.

Your learning is highly-practical using your own organisation cases in your learning experience. 

We cater to audio learners, audio-visual learners, kinesthetic learners, and visual learners.

We focus on transforming and empowering you through your own learning journey.

We are 100% online.

Self-pace yourself so that our programs to fit into your schedule

Binge watch/listen to our programs and learning activities or do them in small installments

Learn before / after work or at lunch time

Do our programs fast, or slow the pace down.

All of our programs are online and focus on business growth

Business growth through innovation management, design thinking, and strategic brand management.    

We ask you to help us to raise the bar on innovation. We want to see a world where everyone thrives, and innovation is the engine that drives growth for all peoples everywhere.  

We provide quality innovation management education to leaders across the globe.

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CEO / Founder

Dr Karen W Miller (PhD) is passionate about growth.  Whether she is growing vegetables, growing flowers or assisting individuals, teams and businesses to grow. Karen loves helping people, animals and plants thrive.  Her love of growth started as a child growing carrots.  As an 11-year old Karen read two pivotal books that changed her world and started her growth journey.  This began a lifelong learning and love of psychology and professional development books.

Karen's love of growth aligns with business development, growth marketing and sales, which is what she did for many years before undertaking her PhD (Management). Karen's thirst for  learning and helping others blossomed into an Academic Career spanning 17-years.

Across four Universities Karen taught mainly Masters students online/hybrid/ and face-to-face. She developed innovative and engaging Courses for Applied Business Research, Consumer Behaviour, Digital Marketing & Branding, Marketing Management, and used design thinking to create quality learning outcomes for her students resulting in happy students and four teaching and learning awards. 

She is an author of 41 publications, and a recipient of over $800, 000 in grants using Luxury Brand Management, Innovation Management and Design Thinking Frameworks to assist with agri-business growth. 

As a researcher and leading academic Karen applies Market Research, Customer Research, Strategic Brand Management, Innovation Management, and Design Thinking skills. She did so to improve business growth with a number of SMEs in the wine, beef, thoroughbred, BnB, fashion, and functional food opportunities. Karen also used Innovation Management and Design Thinking Frameworks in developing and enhancing luxury brands in the farm-to-plate markets, fashion markets, fashion accessory markets, wine, beef, and functional foods markets. 

Karen also applies Design Thinking in the Higher Education markets. She refocused MBA courses to new markets across two Universities.  At USQ and at AIB, Karen developed a suite of entrepreneurship and marketing subjects that have interwoven in them branding, digital and strategic customer experience management.  

Karen has  over 25 years of experience in successfully leading teams, and significant experience in leading, mentoring, and motivating teams in innovative design, development and delivery of online education and training, achieving high student evaluations. 

Previous roles include Associate Professor and Head of Marketing and Entrepreneurship with Australian Institute of Business, Marketing Discipline Leader and Senior Lecturer in Marketing at University of Southern Queensland, and Lecturer at University of Newcastle. 

End Poverty through innovation 

Help Leadingrowth contribute to delivering on the UN Sustainable goals

  • Goal 1 - End poverty 

  • Goal 4 - Provide quality education

  • Goal 8 - Improve economic growth  

  • Goal 9 - Improve Industry & Innovation 

4DLX-Grow Innovation framework 

  • 12-years of research

  • 5000+ leaders

  • can be taught in the dirt, on paper, or online

  • accessible to all, not just the 30% with Internet access 

  • let's end poverty through innovation

  • let's provide quality education to all leaders

  • let's help leaders improve their innovation capabilities  

  • let's improve how we innovate 

Let's end poverty through innovation 

  • ​By enrolling in our programs you can help us. 

  • 20% of program profits go towards scholarship programs. 

  • We offer scholarship programs for leaders in disadvantaged, vulnerable and poor communities.

  • Let's help them to rise up, and raise their communities