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About Us

LeadinGrowth transforms people & businesses into high-value leadership brands.  We collaborate with purpose-led brands.  We help them to grow & flourish through challenges & setbacks.  LeadinGrowth uses empathy-led human-centric approaches & play to achieve growth results, happier & faster with their clients & their client's people.

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Our Values 

Integrity -  at LeadinGrowth we are honest, proud of who we are, & act with authenticity in all that we do, even when no one is watching.

Respect - at LeadinGrowth we respect and embrace the uniqueness of each individual, fostering an inclusive environment where all voices are heard and valued. 

Excellence - at LeadinGrowth we relentlessly pursue excellence, setting high standards and constantly seeking ways to exceed them

Are you purpose-driven?

Are you creating a meaningful future?

At LeadinGrowth, we believe that purpose-led brands are the future of business. We recognise that there is a growing demand for brands that make a positive impact on the world, and we strive to help our clients achieve their transformation & growth goals by connecting them to their higher purpose.


Imagine your organisation standing out as a beacon of leadership in your industry, attracting top talent, earning the trust of stakeholders, and inspiring innovation at every level. 


We collaborate with our clients to develop a purpose-driven strategy that is grounded in their core values and creates a sense of trust and loyalty between the brand & its stakeholders. At LeadinGrowth, we're not just about change; we're about meaningful transformation. We empower companies and their people to evolve into high-value leadership brands.

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Let's improve your sucess

LeadinGrowth's purpose:

Empowering brands to achieve unprecedented success, ensuring more brands thrive than falter.

LeadinGrowth's vision:

LeadinGrowth is contributing to a world they envision where brands consistently thrive, pioneering a future, where success outshines setbacks.

LeadinGrowth's mission:

At LeadinGrowth, our daily mission is to provide brands with innovative strategies, data-driven insights, and unwavering support to help them succeed.  We work tirelessly to ensure that more brands achieve their full potential, setting a new standard for success and forging a path towards a brighter future where every brand can thrive.  

LeadinGrowth is a premier brand growth strategy and consulting firm operating on the brand pillars of flexibility, value and innovation.

We empower individuals and brands to be seen as valuable leaders with a strong and influential presence in their market or community


Our tailored strategies are rooted in excellence, integrity, and respect, aligning seamlessly with your goals. We work hand-in-hand with corporate leaders, providing actionable insights, innovative solutions, and unwavering support to drive tangible results.

Our unique empathy-led approach to problem-solving ensures that our clients feel heard and understood, allowing us to create strategies that are driven by care, expertise and results.

We invite you to connect with us and explore how LeadinGrowth can empower your journey towards lasting transformation and

high-value leadership. Your success is our mission.

Empowering Your
Brand Growth
& Transformation Journey

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Is your brand positioned as a high-value leadership brand in the hearts & minds of your talent and your target markets?

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Personal Branding 

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Branding Consulting 

Strategically grow a purposeful brand, reshape, lead & manage ideas & innovation or create a high-value leadership brand

Case examples

Circular Economy Artisan Brands 

Problem: How to find new markets for circular economy artisans 

Approach: design thinking, luxury branding, digital marketing, market research, growth strategies

Solution: Developed simple, repeatable business systems and processes.  Designed brand strategies, luxury brands and brand stories.  Identified, designed, and prioritised strategies for new markets.  Developed digital marketing strategies for innovative upcycled artisan brands.

Wine Tourism Brands

Problem: How to improve cellar door sales

Approach: customer experience research, ethnography, observation and empathy-led approaches to gain a clearer picture of customer value drivers

Solution: develop a wine tourism experiences where wine is part of the experience and not the only experience.  Provide experiences where those new to wine get to learn about wine.  Focusing on learning about visitor needs, and teaching visitors how to pair and match wines with foods and occasions.  Follow up with visitors on experiences or wines that suit their preferences. 

Tourism Destination Brand 

Problem: How to grow a town & community into 2050

Approach: empathy-led approaches to hear the views of the Local Council, listen to the various perspectives of the local community and business owners.  Conduct interviews and a community survey so that all of the different perspectives are heard. 

Solution: collate & group the different perspectives into themes so that each of the various different groups / viewpoints are respectfully heard.  Share the findings with the Council, local businesses and the community so that growth action plans are developed to grow the town and the brand, as desired, into the future. 


Online Higher Education Brand 

Problem: What MBA Courses will be relevant to leaders in 2025 who want to study an MBA  Speciality in Entrepreneurship and Marketing

Approach: design thinking, marketing research, customer discovery, learning design, experience design 

Solution: Identified, designed, and developed a 2025 strategy, with a timeline and priority for new MBA courses, revitalised existing MBA courses, and developed a program of executive courses in entrepreneurship, marketing AI, digital marketing, branding, online business startup, strategic marketing and online business consulting. Brand able to navigate well through Covid and beyond.


Indigenous Beef Brand 

Problem: How to develop branded beef offerings to support sustainable communities, employment, education, and training outcomes for First Nation Australians?

Approach: empathy-led approaches, cultural training in each of the different First Nation Communities, market research, luxury branding, and digital marketing strategies

Solution: develop a First Nation Brand and a First Nation value-chain chain gate to plate strategy.  Commit to a minimum of 30% First Nations people being employed within the supply chain.  Include in the supply chain, First Nation graziers on indigenous land,  First Nation butchers & packers, First Nation Tourism Experiences where beef is part of the tourism experience, employ First Nation artisans, tour guides, chefs, and tourism operators.  Encourage hotels to consider employing First Nation chefs and including First Nation foods on their menus.  Create a digital marketing strategy so that First Nations peoples can sell directly to the public so that the money can be filtered back to their communities to increase education and employment for First Nation peoples. 

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Dr Karen W Miller, CEO of LeadinGrowth
Dr Karen W Miller

Follow / Connect with Karen

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Dr. Karen W. Miller, PhD, is the visionary founder behind LeadinGrowth, where she assumes the role of Chief Brand Growth Champion and Consultant. Her unwavering mission is to elevate the prospects of brands, businesses, and innovation endeavours. With a fervent commitment, Karen is paving the way toward a brighter future where every brand can flourish.

Karen's mission is to enhance brand, business, and innovation success. With over 30 years of experience, Karen's academic background includes an Honors degree in Business and Marketing, as well as a PhD in Brand Management.

She focuses on driving business growth through a branding lens, offering insights to individuals, organisations, and destinations.


Karen has pioneered the "Empathy-Led Approach" through collaboration with 5000+ business leaders. She's also the mind behind tools like the Brand Leadership Index and Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards.

As a published author and grant recipient, Karen's contributions span Luxury Branding, Brand Leadership, and Building Brand Value. She excels in leading productive teams, coaching, mentoring, and driving innovation. Her successes include new product development, brand strengthening, digital product creation, and empowering confident leaders and teams through transformative change and growth.

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