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Collaborate with us

We have helped over 100 ideas turn into income 

We Collaborate with Leaders on Growth Strategies,

whether it is growth into New Markets, or Growth through New Products

or  Brand Growth

or Customer Growth by remaining relevant with Customers or

Growth through creating new Experiences, Products, Services or Ideas 

So far we have helped leaders turn over 100 ideas turn into income streams

Leadingrowth offers a Rare Mix of Expertise and Experience

that is Practical, Applied and Theoretical.

-  Practical - been there and done it. 

-  Applied to businesses and brands

-  Learnt how to effectively navigate the pitfalls and seize the opportunities

-  Theoretical experience in applying over 100 academic business models to "real life" business, teams, and brands. 

PhD qualified.

Applied Expertise and Experience in Business Growth and Brand Growth 

20 + years of Corporate Life and learnings focused on Business Development, Marketing, Sales, Branding and Growth.

25 + years of Consumer, Brand, and Market Research.   

30 + years of collaborating with business owners helping them to grow their businesses

30 + years in Professional Development and People Development.   

20+ years of Researching and Collaborating with Leaders who are Executives,

Business Owners, Producers, Wine Makers, Tour Operators,  and  Creatives 

Design Thinking 

12+ yrs of Design Thinking Research &  Application in Functional Foods, Proteins, Alternative Proteins, Red Meats, Plant Proteins, Tourism, Wine, Fashion & Luxury

Brand Growth 

20+ years of Strategic Brand Growth &  Strategic Luxury Brand Management 

20+ years Researching How to Grow Strong Valuable Brands and Applying the Learnings internationally across 20+ countries.

People Growth 

15+ years of Research into Hybrid and Virtual Teams with a focus on how to Improve Happiness and Performance.

Learning & Growth

20 + years of Online Learning Design, Backwards Learning Design

20 + years Designing Hybrid Learning Experiences

10 + years creating Digital Learning Experiences using COI Framework 

20 + Years teaching Business Executives on their PhD or MBA Learning Journeys


Leadingrowth (Lead in Growth)

We are Industry Agnostic

our Agile & Human Centric Design Thinking Approaches cut across all Industries

Industries undergoing re-imagining and we are collaborating with include:

  • Governments 

  • Technology Products & Services

  • Online Education 

  • Agribusinesses & Functional Foods

  • Creatives, Artisans & Circular Economy businesses 

  • Media, Entertainment & Gaming 

  • Financial Services 

Our tools and frameworks help leaders undertake growth opportunities, drive happier and high-performing teams forward 

We Collaborate with Leaders to

  • Move Confidently Forward 

  • Grow their Brand 

  • Re-imagine Tomorrow

  • Move the Needle on Innovation 

  • Share their Vision more Effectively

  • Strengthen ways in which they Influence, Effectively Engage & Collaborate 

  • Improve Customer, User and Employee Experiences 

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Dr Karen W Miller (PhD)

CEO / Founder

Dr Karen W Miller (PhD) is passionate about growth.  Karen loves to grow vegetables and flowers. 

Professionally Karen enjoys collaborating with leaders to grow their brands, grow their teams and to grow their businesses.

Karen loves collaborating with people, helping them to grow and thrive.

Dr Miller's love of growth started as a child growing carrots & spinach. 

As an 11-year old Karen read two pivotal books that changed her world and started her Growth Journey and love of Professional Development.  They were "I'm OK, You're OK" and "Things Fall Apart".

As a Teen, Karen enjoyed Brainstorming and Experimenting with her father to Discover Profitable New Markets for Tomatoes, Bananas, Chokos, Broccoli, Lettuce, and assorted Herbs. 

Karen's love of growth aligns with her Professional Expertise in

  • Business Development

  • Brand Growth

  • Growth Marketing and

  • Sales

Industries Karen has worked in include:

  • Telecommunications

  • Seafood

  • Fresh Produce

  • Dry Goods 

  • Interior Design 

  • Education 

Karen's thirst for Growth, Learning and Assisting others blossomed into a PhD and an Academic Career spanning 17-years across Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, and China.  Karen took her Theoretical Knowledge and Applied it to Collaborate with over 5000 Business Leaders in 17 years on Business and Brand Growth.

Dr Miller is an author of 41 publications, and a recipient of over $800, 000 in grants using Luxury Brand Management, Innovation Management and Design Thinking Frameworks to assist Business Leaders with practical ways to Grow their Brands and their Businesses. 

Karen applied Design Thinking, Agile Processes, Backwards Design Learning in Higher Education markets. She refocused MBA courses to New Markets across Uni SQ and at AIB. Karen developed a suite of  Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Marketing MBA Courses that have interwoven in them Branding, Digital Growth, and Strategic Customer Experience Management.  

Karen has  over 25 years of Experience in Successfully Leading Highly Productive Teams, and significant experience in Coaching, Mentoring and Motivating Teams to Innovate, Experiment, Design and Deliver in Brand, Product, and Business Growth. 

Previous roles include CMO, Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager, Sales Manager, New Product Development Manager, Business Owner,  Academic,  Associate Professor and Head of Marketing and Entrepreneurship with Australian Institute of Business, Marketing Discipline Leader and Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Southern Queensland.


U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

How we address the UNSDGs

We give priority to working with leaders and businesses who want to contribute to delivering on the UN Sustainable goals

  • Goal 1 - End poverty 

  • Goal 4 - Provide quality education

  • Goal 8 - Improve economic growth  

  • Goal 9 - Improve Industry & Innovation 


  • Design Thinking Approaches that are accessible to all, not just the 30% with Internet access 

  • 150+ Tool & Frameworks in our Leadingrowth Toolbox to share with Leaders & their Teams

  • Collaborating with Leaders who want to reduce poverty through Innovation & Entrepreneurship

  • Raising the Bar on Innovation and sharing our learnings through Accessible Quality Learning 

  • Collaborating with Leaders who Create Leaders

  • Collaborating with leaders on the Basics about Brands and Business Growth opportunities