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Nurturing Talent, Fuelling Dreams

Unlock the Superpowers of your 

-  Company Brand

-  Department Brand

-  Team Brand

-  Your Personal Brand

Elevate Your Brand with the Superpowers-in-a-Box.

Begin your transformative journey by highlighting your brand's unique strengths and abilities.  Book a 15-min complimentary call to discuss your Bespoke Superpowers Experience.

Uncover the Strengths, Capabilities and Superpowers of

-  your customers

-  your team 

-  your employees

-  yourself 

What are the key resources you'll need to get you to where you are going?

Do you have the superpowers that you'll need?

Are there any gaps?

How can you improve your skill gaps and increase your superpowers?

Book a Business Model Canvas Experience or a Superpowers / Strengths Experience

Unleash Your Extraordinary Potential!

Create your Personal Brand by uncovering your Strengths and Superpowers 


1. Unlock your Superpowers.

Discover the hidden potential within you as we guide you on a journey to explore and identify your unique superpowers. Whether you're aware of them or not, everyone possesses extraordinary strengths that can shape the way you approach life and personal branding.

2. Uncover deeper meaning.

Dive into the profound impact of your superpowers on your personal brand. Understand the deeper meaning behind your strengths and how they can influence your narrative. Gain insights into aligning your personal brand with your authentic self, creating a powerful and genuine image.

3. Apply to your Personal Brand

We show you how.  Learn actionable strategies on how to apply your newfound knowledge to develop an authentic personal brand.  Elevate your presence and leave a lasting impression in both personal and professional spheres.

Book a free 15-min Discovery Call.  This is an opportunity to ask questions and to see if this is right for you. 

Dr Karen W Miller scarf_edited.png

Dr Karen W Miller

Creator of Superpowers-in-a-Box will be your guide

Investing in People, Igniting Excellence

Discover Your Superpowers

Unearth 48 extraordinary superpowers within yourself that you never knew existed. From resilience to creativity, each card is crafted to help you recognise and harness your innate strengths.

Craft Your Unique Brand

Your personal brand is the essence of who you are. With 48 Personal Branding Cards, we guide you through a strategic process to articulate and communicate your brand with authenticity, charisma, and impact.

Bridge the Gap

Our unique blend of Superpowers and Personal Branding Cards empowers you to seamlessly integrate your strengths into your personal and professional life. This synergy is the key to standing out and making a lasting impression.


Unlocking Potential, Igniting Passion


What's Inside?

Superpowers Cards

Uncover 48 superpowers that are uniquely you. From leadership to adaptability, these cards are your daily reminders of the incredible strengths you possess. Embrace them, and watch your confidence soar.

Personal Branding Cards

Craft a brand that leaves a lasting impression. These 48 cards guide you through a step-by-step process to define your values, mission, and vision. Your personal brand will be a magnet, attracting opportunities and connections.

Empowering Individuals, Building Futures

Book a free 15-min discovery call to discover if the Superpowers Coaching Cards are fit for your growth & leadership goals

How It Works

  1. Draw a Superpowers Card: Start your day by randomly selecting a Superpowers Card. Reflect on how you can embody that superpower in your actions and decisions.

  2. Flip for your Branding Card: To integrate your superpower into your personal brand, flip to uncover your personal brand mantra and brand strategy for your superpower. Use it as a prompt to align your actions with your brand identity.

  3. Reflect and Apply: Take a moment each day to reflect on your chosen cards. Apply the insights gained to your personal and professional life, enhancing your overall presence and impact.

Book a free 15-min Discovery Call to learn more.

Superpowers Deck and Cards.png

Get Started Today!

Transform your life and elevate your personal brand with the power of our exclusive Card Deck.

Embrace your superpowers, define your brand, and become the best version of yourself.

Unlock the extraordinary within you.

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal branding excellence.

Get started today.

Superpowers Cards shaped as a heart.png

LeadinGrowth is excited to introduce you to Superpowers-in-a-Box, our exclusive Card Deck featuring 48 Superpowers Cards and 48 Personal Branding Cards – your keys to unlocking a new level of self-discovery and personal growth.

Craft Your Unique Personal Brand

Your personal brand is the essence of who you are. With 48 Personal Branding Cards, we guide you through a strategic process to articulate and communicate your brand with authenticity, charisma, and impact.

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