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Herd of Elephants

Discover the Power and Meaning behind various Animal Characteristics

By associating human traits with animals, organisations can communicate complex concepts and ideas in a more relatable and memorable way. This can lead to clearer communication among team members and stakeholders.

Effective Leadership, Improved Team Dynamics

Brand-in-a-Box Animal Symbolism by LeadinGrowth

Recognising the unique qualities of different animals can help team members better understand each other's strengths, weaknesses, and communication styles. This can foster a more collaborative and supportive team environment.

Studying animal traits can provide valuable insights into effective leadership qualities. Leaders can learn to adapt their leadership styles based on the characteristics of different animals, leading to more effective leadership practices.

Stimulate Creativity through Animal Symbolism

Drawing parallels between human traits and animal behaviour can stimulate creative thinking and problem-solving. Organisations can leverage these insights to develop innovative solutions to challenges they may face.

Incorporating animal symbolism into brand storytelling can make brands more memorable and emotionally engaging. By aligning with specific animal traits, organisations can create narratives that resonate with their target audience on a deeper level.

Brand-in-a-Box Animal Symbolism by LeadinGrowth
Golden Retriever

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How It Works

  1. Draw an Animal Symbolism Card: Which Animal Symbolism cards do you resonate with?  Which Animal Symbolim cards do your team members resonate with?   Which animal symbolism cards best represent your brand?  

  2. Flip the Card: Uncover the symbolism and human characteristics associated with the selected animals by flipping and turning over the card.

  3. Reflect and Apply: Take a moment to review the descriptions, mantra, strengths and weaknesses of these traits to see if you identify.  Reflect on what you can learn and apply into your workplace from the animal symbolism card. 

  4. Using Animal Symbolism at Work:  Animal symbolism can be used with people or with brands or in brand communications and brand storytelling.  Get ideas on how to incorporate different types of animal symbolism.     

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Brand-in-a-Box Animal Symbolism cards by LeadinGrowth
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