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Integrate LEGO
with Brand-in-a-Box 

Unlock your team's full potential with a LeadinGrowth bespoke Brand-in-a-Box / LEGO Team Experience. Transform your brand strategy with engaging, innovative exercises designed to ignite creativity and drive meaningful growth. Empower your team, foster creativity, purposeful play, engagement, collaboration, and evolve your brand, your team and your organisation. Book your custom session today and take the first step toward a dynamic future!

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Business Model Canvas using Brand-in-a-Box by LeadinGrowth

Brand Building

Brand-in-a-Box card decks offer a systematic approach for building or evolving a brand using the Business Model Canvas developed by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur.  By thoroughly analysing and aligning each component of the Business Model Canvas, you can build a cohesive and robust brand strategy that supports your business objectives and resonates with your target audience.   By regularly revisiting and refining the canvas to evolve your brand with market changes and business goals you can improve success

Elevate Your
Strategic Planning

Enhance your Strategic Planning Days with

Brand-in-a-Box, our powerful tool designed to ignite creativity and drive innovation. This engaging approach ensures your team collaborates effectively, generating dynamic strategies for business growth and brand evolution management. Whether you're planning for 2025 or 2030 we've got you.  Book your session today and experience the transformative impact of

Brand-in-a-Box on your strategic planning process.

Strategic Planning.png
Brand-in-a-Box by LeadinGrowth

Customer Success Stories

Brand-in-a-Box by LeadinGrowth revolutionised our team workshops. It made the process of brand building fun and interactive, resulting in heightened engagement and innovative ideas that we hadn't thought of before. Our brand strategy has never been stronger!

Ferdy K.

Using Brand-in-a-Box was a game-changer for our company's rebranding efforts. The purposeful play approach not only energized our team but also led to creative breakthroughs that aligned perfectly with our market goals. It's an invaluable tool for any business looking to evolve their brand.

Ranjit S.

Brand-in-a-Box helped us enhance both team and customer engagement significantly. The strategic framework and innovative exercises guided us in developing a cohesive brand identity and improving our innovation capabilities. LeadinGrowth has truly outdone themselves with this product.

Emma R.

Creatives Discussing Project
Brand-in-a-Box by LeadinGrowth

Build Emotional Connections

Use Brand-in-a-Box to personify the brand and to build psychological and emotional connections with employees and with customers.  Convey individual, team or corporate personality, values, superpowers, strengths and the emotions you want the brand to project. Use the card decks - colours, archetypes, superpowers, values, feelings, human traits, animal symbolism, addressing pain points and by providing value in the brand experience.  Increase employee engagement and customer engagement through the development and strengthening of emotional connections and the building of strong bonds with your customers and partners. Target and attract the talent and the customers that strengthen your brand and help you to grow and thrive in an everchanging marketplace.

Align Values and Behaviours

Use the Values deck and the Actions deck within

Brand-in-a-Box to identify the values and behaviours you'd like to encourage within your organisation.

Values underpin the culture you create. If you've heard the saying culture eats strategy then you will understand how important values are to building and

growing a thriving organisation.

Values are important to share when:

- hiring new talent and engaging in culture conversations 

- signing agreements with stakeholders 

- engaging subcontractors

- undertaking new projects 

- designing customer / user experiences

- assessing individual and team performances

- when engaging new board members or advisors

- when conceiving & crafting marketing strategies

- when developing internal communications 

Brand-in-a-Box by LeadinGrowth
Brand-in-a-Box by LeadinGrowth

Unlock Solutions with the Pain Points Deck

Our Pain Points deck is an invaluable tool for addressing employee engagement and finding solutions to workplace challenges. Ideal for 1:1s or used alongside our Feelings and Superpowers cards, this deck helps identify and tackle key issues. Perfect for Hackathons, Ideation sessions, and gaining insights, the Pain Points deck supports product and service improvements, process enhancements, and customer experience advancements. Use it to develop efficiencies in your processes and systems, driving meaningful change and innovation within your organisation.

What are your Superpowers?

Collaborating with clients using Brand-in-a-Box

Understanding your own superpowers allows you to focus on personal development in areas where you can make the most impact. This provides opportunities for continuous learning and growth. For teams, identifying superpowers by using Brand-in-a-Box can guide professional development initiatives, helping individuals build on their strengths and acquire complementary skills and capabilities to help you and your team grow.


Superpowers often represent unique perspectives and approaches to problem-solving. By encouraging individuals to leverage their strengths, you promote innovation within the team. Different viewpoints can lead to creative solutions and new ideas that drive personal growth, business growth and competitiveness.

Customer Success Stories

Brand-in-a-Box provided us with a fresh perspective on brand development. The structured yet playful approach fostered creativity and collaboration within our team, leading to a more dynamic and engaging brand strategy. It’s a must-have for any company looking to innovate.

Anton V.D.

LeadinGrowth's Brand-in-a-Box exceeded our expectations. It made the complex process of brand evolution straightforward and enjoyable. Our team came away with actionable insights and a renewed enthusiasm for our brand’s future.

Marcus D.

Brand-in-a-Box is a fantastic tool for engaging teams in brand strategy. The purposeful play elements sparked new ideas and helped us develop a brand that truly resonates with our customers. The experience was invaluable for our company’s growth and innovation

Robert S.


Business Growth

Discover Brand-in-a-Box, your all-in-one toolkit designed to revolutionise your brand identity and image. With ten essential card decks covering everything from brand archetypes to colour psychology and customer pain points, this comprehensive solution empowers you to craft a compelling brand story with confidence. Whether you're a startup looking to establish a strong foundation or an established business aiming to refresh your brand strategy, Brand-in-a-Box provides the strategic framework and practical tools you need to stand out in today's competitive market. Transform your business vision into a powerful brand presence effortlessly with Brand-in-a-Box

Meet the Creator behind Brand-in-a-Box

Dr. Karen W. Miller created Brand-in-a-Box to address the challenges businesses face in building, strengthening and evolving their brands effectively.


Karen's goal is to make it easier, yet provide a comprehensive, interactive tool that helps people move through the process faster, more effiently, getter better outcomes and have fun while doing so. The added bonus are the team engagement outcomes we've seen and experienced.


Branding is such a misunderstood field of practice. I wanted to improve understanding as well as growth outcomes for people, teams and businesses.

Dr. Miller designed this product to make branding easier, accessible and enjoyable for teams of all sizes.

Book a call to learn more.

KWM March 2024 (1080 x 1080 px).png

Transform with

Your roadmap to a cohesive brand identity ( your view) and brand image (your customer's view) is possible with Brand-in-a-Box. This innovative toolkit features ten meticulously crafted card decks, each guiding you through essential elements like brand values, customer insights, and visual identity. Perfect for entrepreneurs and established businesses alike, Brand-in-a-Box ensures every aspect of your brand—from messaging to design—reflects your unique story and resonates with your audience. Empower your brand journey today and elevate your business with clarity and creativity.

Meet the Card Decks
inside Brand-in-a-Box

Click on the cards to take you to a brief description and the page about the card deck.

 There are ten card decks inside Brand-in-a-Box.  

Twice a year we enable organisations, coaches or creatives to buy Brand-in-a-Box.

Unleash your Business Potential with Brand-in-a-Box

  1. Brand Archetypes: Understanding brand archetypes helps businesses identify and embody a specific personality type that resonates with their target audience. This can guide messaging, visuals, and overall brand strategy.

  2. Brand Animal Symbolism: Associating your brand with animal symbolism can evoke specific traits or qualities that align with your brand’s values and attributes, helping to create a memorable and relatable identity.

  3. Customer Pain Points: Identifying and understanding customer pain points is crucial for crafting messaging and solutions that address real needs, making your brand more relevant and empathetic.

  4. Value Proposition: Clearly defining your value proposition helps communicate what sets your brand apart and why customers should choose your products or services over competitors’.

  5. Brand Colours: Choosing the right colours can evoke specific emotions and perceptions about your brand, influencing how it is perceived by your audience.

  6. Brand Actions: Defining brand actions helps outline how your brand behaves and interacts with customers, reinforcing your brand’s identity through consistent actions and behaviors.

  7. Brand Feelings: Identifying the emotions you want your brand to evoke in customers helps guide the tone and style of your communication and customer interactions.

  8. Brand Values: Clearly defining your brand values establishes the principles and beliefs that guide your business decisions and interactions, shaping your brand’s culture and reputation.

  9. Brand Human Characteristics: Assigning human characteristics to your brand helps create a personality that customers can relate to, making your brand more personable and engaging.

  10. Brand Superpowers: Identifying your brand’s superpowers highlights its unique strengths and capabilities, helping differentiate it from competitors and showcasing what it excels at.

Together, these 10 card decks form a structured framework that can guide business owners through the process of defining, refining, and communicating their brand effectively. By leveraging each component strategically, businesses can develop a cohesive and compelling brand presence that resonates with their target audience and creates memorable associations cultivating brand loyalty.

Book a bespoke Brand-in-a-Box Experience for your organisation or with your team.

Brand-in-a-Box: Empower, Elevate, Unbox

Compact and Convenient Design

With 480 Coaching Cards and 6 Decision Cards neatly packed into two user-friendly boxes.  These cards are easily accessible and portable. Plus, the thumb holes make opening them a breeze, ensuring quick access to your resourceful colourful coaching arsenal.

Practical and Travel-Ready

Boxes are easy to use, easy to store and great for travel. Whether you're in the office, a meeting room or on the go, take them with you for branding, strategy or team building sessions wherever you are. The cards are designed to use daily, empower team engagement, as well as evolve brands. 

Organised and Visual

Featuring clear images on the sides of the boxes, these cards are brilliantly organised, making it a snap to identify and sort them. Say goodbye to the hassle of rummaging through disorganized and flimsy boxes.  Say hello to sturdy boxes and easy to find quality cards. 

Unlock a World of Resources 

Scan the QR code at the base of the boxes. Unlock a wealth of information.  Discover guides, tips, cheat sheets, videos and innovative hacks. These are being added to and updated. Maximize your investment.  Upskills yourself with expert insights at your fingertips. Use the QR code.

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