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Increase your Confidence
Have a Clear Direction
Get your Voice Heard
with Empower Her

LeadinGrowth's Empower Her program helps you with building your confidence, getting your voice heard, being clear on where you are going, guiding and inspiring you with developing a roadmap, empowering you to build and evolve a professional and personal brand that influences people and has impact.


Get Confident. Be Clear. Be You. Go Forward.

Use empathy-led human centric approaches to get your voice heard, to have impact & influence. 

Use any of LeadinGrowth's range of fun and engaging tools, cards and games.  We recognise our brains all work differently.  We all go at different paces.  We each bring different experiences to the table. We personalise your empowerment experience to fit what you need, and when you need it, so you feel empowered.

Create your own empowerment experience with the Empower Her Program.

Empower Her Confidence Card Decks

Superpowers - Uncover your superpowers and strengthen your capabilities. Continue to grow and improve your strengths. Learn how to harness your strengths. Increase your confidence.

Women-in-Business - Get heard, find your voice, get noticed, improve your confidence, influence and impact. 

Hear other women's stories, be inspired by them and by quotes that focus on empowering her confidence.

Brand Storytelling - Learn the art of brand storytelling, craft your own narrative and captivate your audience, improve your confidence, influence and impact.

Empower Her

  • Time Management Frameworks 

  • Leadership & People Management

  • Innovation Management Frameworks

  • Influence & Impact Frameworks

  • Storytelling Frameworks

  • Curiosity & Empathy Frameworks 

  • Brand Management Frameworks 

  • Consumer Behaviour Frameworks 

  • Marketing Management Frameworks


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