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Grow Audaciously

Get Inspired, Grow & Succeed!

LeadinGrowth helps Leaders, Movers, Shakers, Change Makers thrive and grow confidently while innovating, audaciously navigating change, evolving their brands, and empowering teams through empathy-led, structured and strategic transformation.


Consulting Client Success Stories

5th Gen beef producer


We'd been trying for a while to work out how to keep our premium brands and add a luxury brand to our portfolio.  We saw Karen speak in Tokyo and read her luxury brand papers. Karen met with our executive team and board.  She helped us to reconfigure a new supply chain, redesign the business model, and successfully develop a new luxury brand into new global markets.  She did this without cannibalizing our premium brand and markets

Managing Director, car brand


Our brand was starting to lose traction. Karen undertook customer & market research to help us understand our brand from various perspectives.  Karen developed three clear target market segments matching our branded offerings.  

Together with our leadership team, Karen helped us to develop an overarching brand strategy across our three segments.

We went from almost no growth to having our best year. I would definitely recommend Karen.

CEO, education brand


The results of Karen's research helped us to identify five clear target markets and have a clear picture of our brand.

Karen aligned our purpose, values, vision, solutions and our target markets.

It was a daunting process for which we are grateful that Karen took us out of our comfort zone and into the future.

Today we have a clear direction moving into 2030.

This might be our best year yet.

Why LeadinGrowth?

Expert Guidance: Our team brings a wealth of business, growth, leadership, innovation, branding and marketing experience and expertise to the table. Receive strategic insights, innovative ideas and actionable solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Results-Driven Approach: Collaborating with you means understanding the results you are seeking.  We discuss with you various ways we can help you achieve the results you are looking for with your team.  We help you achieve your audacious goals.

Passion for Innovation: We thrive on innovation, looking at problems in fresh ways.  We have a bunch of tools and frameworks to help you to ideate or to push great ideas through the innovation pipeline.

Working Together
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Guiding Growth, Inspiring Success 
with Brand Management Partnerships

As you grow and evolve, stay true to your core brand. As the market changes adapt. Build brand equity. Stay relevant through change. 

Increase your success rates by 22-30%  

Learn how to build Brand Equity, Increase the worth of your brand asset on the balance sheet. 

Empower your team to make decisions aligned with the brand's purpose, vision, mission and message. Create Brand Advocates.

Achieve audacious goals. Think big. Empower your people to grow & evolve.  Lead innovation, engage, evolve, grow, succeed and thrive.

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Exciting news!
Brand-in-a-Box is available as a Digital Solution

Each Deck is a digital solution helping you with evolving and growing your brand, whether it is a company brand, a team brand, a personal brand or a professional brand.  Each deck is a piece of the puzzle.

Together these 12 decks are a full digital solution alternative to Brand-in-a-Box.

Pain Points Customer.png
Brand Value.png
Human Traits Customer.png
Pain Points Employees.png
Human Traits Employees.png

LeadinGrowth created the Business-in-a-Box Series of Digital Card Decks to increase access across the globe so the decks are with you always on your smartphone, as an app.

Buy them individually or buy the series.

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