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Transform Your Brand with Our Brand-in-a-Box Solution

Improve Your Company Branding with
Science-Backed, Team-Focused Solutions

10 Card Decks
to Grow & Evolve
Your Brand

As your business grows and evolves, having a clear understanding of your brand's personality allows you to adapt without losing your core identity. This  provides a foundation for making strategic decisions that align with your brand values and superpowers.

Knowing your brand's superpowers—what sets you apart or makes you exceptional—enables more effective marketing strategies. Highlighting these strengths in your campaigns helps attract and retain customers.

Inside you'll find 10 Card Decks including:

Superpowers Deck

Archetypes Deck

Values Deck 

Guiding Growth, Inspiring Success 
with Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards

As you grow and evolve, stay true to who you are, even as the market changes. Build brand equity. Stay relevant through change. 

Increase your success rates by 22-30%  

Learn how to build Brand Equity, Increase the worth of your brand on the balance sheet. 

Empower your employees to make decisions aligned with the brand's purpose, vision, mission and message. Create Brand Advocates.

An inside out brand increases resilience, is less susceptible to market fluctuations, has clarity, and is set apart from others. Learn How.

Brand-in-a-Box comprising of two boxes

Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards Testimonials

“As a team leader, I've seen incredible transformations within our group ever since we integrated Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards into our activities. The cards provided an innovative approach to defining our team's identity through a branding lens. We were able to articulate not just what we do, but also discovered our collective superpowers, values, and archetypes, which significantly strengthened our cohesion and understanding of one another..”

Sarah T.

Grow Your Vision Empower your People

Are you ready to grow your vision?  Brand-in-a-Box will help you manage the brand evolvment process of transforming your company brand from where it is in 2024 into what you envision for 2030.  Make your vision a reality.  Empower your people to be the best versions of themselves.  Regularly use Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards to gain insights into your people, insights into your customers & insights into yourself.  Connect  with people on a deeper level. Use Brand-in-a-Box at strategic planning days, ideation sessions, team development meetings, standups, as icebreakers in team get-togethers and 1:1s. Create richer customer avatars, use in customer journey mapping.

Achieve the success you've been dreaming of.  Brand-in-a-Box is a powerful tool designed to help you develop and evolve your company brand, your team brand, your personal brand and your professional brand. 

Evolve your personal &  professional brand.  Evolve your team or department brand. 

Evolve your company brand with Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards.

Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards Your Key to Business Growth

Are you looking for a comprehensive solution to help grow your business and your people?

Look no further than Brand-in-a-Box! Our innovative coaching cards provide insights to help you achieve your business goals, evolve your brand into 2030, empower your team to their potential and build a professional or personal leadership brand.  Learn how to transform your organisation, company, team, or yourself into a high-value leadership brand. This comprehensive solution includes 10 decks of cards. 48 cards per deck + 6 decision cards. Use the decks on your company brand, to engage your team or your customers. Learn how to gain people insights and to effectively use these cards to grow and evolve all of your brands into 2030 and beyond.

Wipe the cards clean after use. They're sturdy and so are the boxes.

Click on the Deck of Coaching Cards that interests you and learn more about how we can help you transform your enterprise into a high-value leadership brand.





Clarify your Core Values

Unveil your Brand Personality

Highlight Unique Strengths

Enhance Recognition


Brand Value

Pain Points


Leverage Animal Symbolism

Craft a Compelling UVP

Identify & Solve Problems

Strategize Steps Forward

Human Traits




Personify Your Brand

Create Emotional Connections

Innovate, Inspire & Impact

Engage Collaborate & Thrive

Compact and Convenient Design

With 480 Coaching Cards and 6 Decision Cards neatly packed into two user-friendly boxes.  These cards are easily accessible and portable. Plus, the thumb holes make opening them a breeze, ensuring quick access to your resourceful colourful coaching arsenal.

Practical and Travel-Ready

Boxes are easy to use, easy to store and great for travel. Whether you're in the office, a meeting room or on the go, take them with you. For branding or 

team-building sessions wherever you are. The cards are designed to empower team engagement, as well as evolve brands. 

Organised and Visual

Featuring clear images on the sides of the boxes, these cards are brilliantly organised, making it a snap to identify and sort them. Say goodbye to the hassle of rummaging through disorganized and flimsy boxes.  Say hello to sturdy boxes and easy to find quality cards. 

Unlock a World of Resources 

Scan the QR code at the base of the boxes. Unlock a wealth of information.  Discover guides, tips, cheat sheets, videos and innovative hacks. These are being added to and updated. Maximize your investment.  Upskills yourself with expert insights at your fingertips. Use the QR code.

Empower Potential through Purposeful Play

We're thrilled to introduce LeadinGrowth's innovative Purposeful PlayShop Experiences. This is a transformative journey where we view organisations and their people through the lens of branding, igniting transformation into high-value leadership brands. Our approach blends empathy-led human centric design thinking with the power of "strategic play", resulting in dynamic workshops we fondly call playshops. These Purposeful PlayShop experiences leverage Brand-in-a-Box, Design Thinking, Aglile, Lean, LeadingTeams, LEGO, and various purposeful strategic games to craft bespoke experiences that engage teams through play, empowering people to reach their full potential.

Through these experiences, teams embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth, enhancing their empathy and fostering growth mindsets. Leaders learn to see themselves, their teams, and their organisations as brands capable of transformation into inspiring and impactful leadership brands. By understanding others and improving how they engage, teams collectively operate at their peak, evolving into high-value leadership brands that inspire others to emulate their success.

LeadinGrowth's Purposeful PlayShop Experiences are more than just workshops; they're immersive adventures that cultivate camaraderie, creativity, and excellence within organisations. Join us on this exciting journey, where fun meets productivity, and together, let's unleash the full potential of your team.

Let's have a conversation.

Start by telling us what outcomes you're looking to achieve? Let's see if we fit.

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or Book a complimentary 15min call

Evolve your brand with Brand-in-a-Box 

  • Conduct an internal brand audit

  • Gather insights workshops 

  • Encourage input from employees to see if their values align with those of the brand.  

  • Measure the brand's image using Brand-in-a-Box, see if your brand's evolving identity and image are aligned, and on track.

  • Use the Coaching Cards as a tool in team meetings or 1:1s to check in with your employees professional brand and their alignment with the team brand or company brand.

Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards comprising of two boxes

Brand-in-a-Box - easy to use
Engage in Purposeful Brand Play

How to use Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards Instruction Guide

The Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards offer a fun, experiential, time-saving, cost-effective, and resource-efficient solution by streamlining the brand development and brand evolvement processes. Use the cards regularly between now and 2030.

The Coaching Cards facilitate happier, faster decision-making, and reduce the need for extensive external resources and corrections.  Learn the structured approach to brand evolution which is fun for your participants.

Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards  (1).png

Exciting news!
Brand-in-a-Box is available as a Digital Solution

Each Deck is a digital solution aimed at evolving and growing the company brand or transforming your people and teams into high-value leadership brands.  Each deck is a piece of the puzzle.

Together these 12 decks are the digital solution, as an alternative to Brand-in-a-Box.

Pain Points Customer.png
Brand Value.png
Human Traits Customer.png
Pain Points Employees.png
Human Traits Employees.png

LeadinGrowth created the Business-in-a-Box Series of Digital Card Decks to increase access across the globe so the decks are with you always on your smartphone, as an app.

Buy them individually or buy the series.

Invest in yourself, your team or your business by purchasing Brand-in-a-Box 

Clarity in Self-Discovery

The cards offer a structured and guided approach to self-discovery. Users can explore their values, strengths, personality and aspirations, gaining clarity on their business or professional identity.


Structured Brand Building

The coaching cards offer a systematic method for evolving a brand. Users can follow the guide & undertake training.

Facilitated Brainstorming

The cards act as catalysts for brainstorming sessions. Whether working individually or with a team, generate ideas, solve challenges, and map out strategies for brand growth.

Consistent Messaging

Ensuring a consistent brand message is crucial for success. The coaching cards help users articulate, evolve and refine their messaging, fostering coherence across various platforms and communication channels.

Time-Efficient Planning 

Users can save time on planning, making the brand journey more fun, efficient and effective.


Adaptability to Different Users 

Whether you're a solopreneur, a small business owner, or part of a large corporation, the coaching cards are  adaptable to various needs and stages in your brand evolution journey.

Interactive Learning Experience 

Brand coaching cards turn brand evolution and growth into an engaging and interactive process, promoting better retention and application of concepts.

Enhanced Team Collaboration 

For businesses, brand coaching cards can be used as team-building tools. They facilitate collaborative discussions, aligning team members on the core values and vision of the brand.

Empowerment Through Autonomy 

Individuals and businesses appreciate having tools that empower them to take control of their brand evolution process. Brand coaching cards offer a sense of autonomy and ownership over the process.

What's inside Brand-in-a-Box?

The first human-centric brand tool that is colourful, comprehensive, yet easy to use, and will have your team laughing as they undertake serious brand play to conceive, craft, build, grow, transform and evolve a brand inside-out over its lifetime faster and easier than previously.  Inside the boxes you'll find 6 Decision Cards and 10 colourful Decks of cards.  Each deck has its own colour and 48 cards.

  1. 48 x Values: Identify and clarify core values, anchoring the brand's ethos, guiding internal culture, and shaping external perceptions, fostering alignment and authenticity within the business.

  2. 48 x Feelings: Understand emotional connections and responses associated with the brand, enabling businesses to evoke specific emotions in their stakeholders, driving impactful brand experiences.

  3. 48 x Actions: Define and strategise actions that resonate with the brand's identity and growth trajectory, ensuring consistency, both internally and externally, reinforcing the brand's promises.

  4. 48 x Human Traits: Explore human attributes and personalities aligned with the brand, enabling businesses to personify their brand for relatable and authentic interactions.

  5. 48 x Superpowers: Highlight unique strengths and competitive advantages, allowing businesses to leverage distinct abilities for brand positioning and market differentiation.

  6. 48 x Archetypes: Unveil brand personalities and characteristics, aiding in storytelling and creating a consistent brand narrative that resonates with the stakeholder audiences.

  7. 48 x Animals: Leverage animal symbolism to convey specific brand attributes and create visual associations, aiding in visual branding and communication strategies.

  8. 48 x Brand Value Proposition: Craft a compelling value proposition that resonates with the audience, emphasising the brand's unique benefits and solutions, driving competitive advantage.

  9. 48 x Pain Points: Identify customer pain points, enabling businesses to address and resolve these concerns, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  10. 48 x Colours: Explore the psychology and associations of colours, guiding brand visual identity, enhancing recognition, and eliciting specific emotional responses from the audience.

Other than business leaders, who else benefits from the Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards?

Looking for a way to take your business to the next level? Look no further than Brand-in-a-Box. Our comprehensive business growth and branding strategy consulting service is designed to help you develop a clear vision and direction for your business, as well as a step-by-step plan for achieving your goals. With 10 colour coded decks of coaching cards, you'll have all the tools you need to grow your business, and evolve a brand that stands out in a crowded marketplace.

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Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards

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Why Brand-in-a-Box and why now?

LeadinGrowth's Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards emerged in response to a growing need among corporate leaders, teams, designers, marketers, consultants, and executives seeking a holistic comprehension of branding that was easy to understand, fun to use, easy and fast to implement, easy to monitor and evaluate the health of the brand as it evolves over time, whether it is a personal brand, a team brand, a product brand or a corporate brand.  


With a solid background holding a PhD in branding, Dr. Karen W Miller observed a common struggle among businesses. She recognised that the typical method of starting brand development from external elements like logos and colours often led to identity issues, recognition and legal challenges, struggles with consistency in crafting and evolving enduring brand for the company over time that was meaningful, resonating with employee and customers, impacting on building employee and customer engagement and brand advocates. 


The Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards, are the outcome of fifteen years of business collaborations, business successes, learnings from research, business, teams and human-centric practices.  The meticulously crafted Coaching Cards and robust boxes facilitate the alignment of internal brand elements with external promises, ensuring a robust and distinct market position.  The se Cards, scientifically designed, validated and tested. 


Brand-in-a-Box serves as a comprehensive tool for evolving authentic and purposeful brands into 2050 and beyond

Redefine your Coaching. 
Enrich your branding strategies. 
Create lasting client impacts.

  • Empower your clients' successes by elevating your branding expertise using the cards and training.

  • Help your clients improve how they articulate their brand. Reduce the to-and-fro. Do it faster and happier.

  • Confidently strengthen brand differentiation with your clients.

  • Monitor & measure brand equity and the evolving brand image.

  • Order your Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards now.

  • Embark on a journey of empowerment, inspiration, and unparalleled growth!

Help your Clients improve their results

Brand-in-a-Box Blue & Gold

With the Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards, you can:

  • Gain clarity on who your Clients are, who your Clients serve, and where your Clients are going as a brand.

  • Create brand associations for your Clients that strengthen their brand image, demonstrate your Client's values, and convey your Client's purpose, vision and mission.

  • Generate ideas with your Clients for brand stories, slogans, logos, colours, and more that resonate with your Client's customers and differentiate your Client from their collaborators & competitors.

  • Facilitate productive and fun coaching sessions with your Clients that boost your Client's confidence, motivation, and satisfaction.

Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards
Training Workshops

Sign up for Brand-in-a-Box Training Workshops or Programs

There are several.  Each workshop is @ $147 per person per workshop. Purchase a 3-Workshop Pass for $397.00

For Coaches, Consultants and Creatives who plan on running their own workshops using Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards sign up for the

Brand-in-a-Box Facilitator Program. 4-weeks @ 497.00

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Coaches, Consultants & Creatives take your workshops up a notch with Brand-in-a-Box.

Revolutionise Your Brand Strategy with Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards

Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards comprising of two boxes
  • Get results faster

  • Fun to use

  • Engage your audience

  • 486 Coaching Cards 

  • 10 Coaching Card Decks 

  • 6 Decision Cards 

  • Instructions 

  • 72 page Guide Book

  • QR Code with access to resources - updates, business growth tips, branding tips and facilitation tips and ideas.

Conduct a Business or a Brand Audit. 

Use the cards to assess the current state of your clients’ brand identity, message, and strategy.  Identify their growth pathways, innovation opportunities,  new market opportunities, new revenue streams and opportunities for streamlining processes.  Use the cards to provide recommendations and action plans for improving or enhancing your clients’ brand performance and positioning.

Facilitate a brand workshop or session for your clients. 

Use the cards to guide your clients through a series of exercises and activities that help them explore, define, and communicate their brand essence, values, purpose, and vision.  Use the cards to generate ideas and solutions for their clients’ brand challenges and goals.

Create a brand portfolio or presentation for your clients.

Use the cards to organise and showcase your clients’ brand assets, elements, and stories in a clear and compelling way.  Use the cards to illustrate and explain how their clients’ brand delivers value and benefits to their customers and stakeholders.

Develop a brand roadmap or plan for your clients. 

Use the cards to outline and prioritise the key steps and milestones that your clients need to take to achieve their brand objectives and expectations.  Also, use the cards to monitor and evaluate the progress and results of their clients’ brand initiatives and projects.

Facilitate Icebreaker Activities.

Use Brand-in-a-Box Action cards or the Feelings cards or the Superpowers cards or the Animal cards, and the Colours cards Suggestions and games are in the 72 page Guide Book that you can download when you purchase Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards.

This game-changing empathy-led toolkit is yours for 580.00.

Clarify identity, values & superpowers, address pain points and be clear on where you want to go.
By embracing the Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards – you're upskilling & investing in the success and growth of yourself, your team, your business and your clients' and their brands.

Exciting news!
Brand-in-a-Box is available as a Digital Solution

Each Deck is a digital solution aimed at evolving and growing the company brand or transforming your people and teams into high-value leadership brands.  Each deck is a piece of the puzzle.

Together these 12 decks are the digital solution, as an alternative to Brand-in-a-Box.

Pain Points Customer.png
Brand Value.png
Human Traits Customer.png
Pain Points Employees.png
Human Traits Employees.png

LeadinGrowth created the Business-in-a-Box Series of Digital Card Decks to increase access across the globe so the decks are with you always on your smartphone, as an app.

Buy them individually or buy the series.

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