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Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards shows two blue boxes
  • Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards


    Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards are the perfect way to enhance your personal, team or business growth, transformation, and evolution.  Imagine a world where every team member's strengths align seamlessly, where communication flows effortlessly, and where innovation thrives. Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards make this a reality.


    Facilitate Brand-in-a-Box workshops.  Use the cards to help your workshop participants understand themselves and others better by using the cards in a fun, interactive and engaging workshop.


     Use Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards to understand your business.  Understand your brand.   Understand yourself. 


    These cards are more than a tool; they are a fun and engaging way to unlocking hidden superpowers, values, personality, and archetypes that proffessionally define you, your team or your business. 


    Use Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards with

    • Personal brands
    • Company brands
    • Team brands (or Business Unit or Departments)
    • Social Enterprise brands (not-for-profits)
    • Destination brands (tourism towns)
    • Luxury brands (premium or high-value)


    Buy the cards for yourself, or to use with stakeholders, clients or your team. 


    Use the cards to get cut-through, faster, and happier. 

    Often when we are facilitating, clients will say to us, are we supposed to be having this much fun?  Clients are often surprised how fast it was for them to get an outcome.  The coaching cards get cut-through.  We use them with clients on strategic planning days, as ice breakers with new teams in projects, to develop, refresh or evolve brands.  We use them in daily "actions" as a tool to drive action and improve productivity.  They're fun, engaging and they help you do stuff fast. 


    The cards help leaders to monitor, evolve and strengthen your brand, and service your target audiences more effectively. Use the cards to understand who you are and where you are going.


    Clearly define who you serve

    Use the cards to better understand your target audiences and stakeholders.  Use the cards to clearly and accurately describe who you serve, how and why you serve them. Create your own brand avatars using the cards.  The Brand-in-a-Box Usage Guidebook provides you with tips and ideas on how to clearly define who you serve.  


    Create a North Star.   Use the cards to develop a strong brand from the inside out.   A brand is a north star that guides purpose, culture, vision, mission, values, business model development, value proposition development, growth, innovation and transformation of a business, team or person.  The brand also guides decisions, the experiences and the marketing actions of its employees & other stakeholders. 


    Use the cards to refresh the brand's 

    • Purpose (it's why)
    • Vision (5 -50 years)
    • Values (what it stands for & how it acts)
    • Mission (what it does everyday)
    • Brand Associations (personality, position & uniqueness)


    Build or strengthen a purpose-led brand 


    Invest in Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards and witness the unparalleled growth, unity, and empowerment that awaits your team.  They're more than cards. 


    Brand-in-a-Box is a gateway to a new era of branding, team dynamics, innovation, transformation and purpose.


    Brand-in-a-box consists of two boxes full of 10 card decks with 486 coaching cards. Turn the box over to discover the QR code that will lead you to a treasure trove of resources that are constantly being updated, designed to help you get more out of your coaching cards when you unbox them. 


    Use the cards to evolve the overarching brand strategy  


    Strengthen brand identity using human centric approaches that build stronger robust brands.  Protect your client from fakes and copycats. 


    Use the cards to create a human-centric brand making it harder for competitors to replicate the brand. 


    Build or strengthen brand associations that are purposeful, human-centric & difficult to replicate.  Build an authentic heart-centered brand that leads the way, lives by its values, and resonates in the hearts and minds of your stakeholders  


    Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards contains

    • Two boxes with thumb holes for ease of use 
    • 10 Decks (5 per box)
    • 6 Decision Cards (3 per box)
    • 480 Coaching Cards (240 per box)

    In total there are 486 cards to use to forge deeper connections with your team, your employees, your customers and other relevant stakeholders. 


      The Coaching Cards contain 10 Coaching Decks + 6 Decision Cards

      1.  Action Cards x 48
      2.  Values Cards x 48
      3.  Superpowers Cards x 48
      4.  Feelings Cards x 48
      5.  Animal Cards x 48
      6.  Human Traits Cards x 48
      7.  Archetypes Cards x 48
      8.  Pain Points Cards x 48
      9.  Brand Values Cards x 48
      10.  Colours Cards x 48 


      After extensive research, experimentation and client validation, two Brand-in-a-Box boxes were meticulously crafted, each containing five decks of Coaching Cards, available as a singular package. 


      Our goal is to help Business Leaders, Teams, Consultants, Coaches, Designers, Marketers, Transformation Leaders, Innovation Managers, Executives and others increase their brand expertise in a fun and simple way


      To get the most out of the Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards:

      • Download the Usage Guide or the Quick How to Guide 
      • Follow us on TikTok or YouTube for free tips, and more ideas
      • Signup to our Empower Community and join other users
      • Register for access to the digital cards 
      • Enroll in any of our 90minute workshops 
      • Enroll in any of our BrandEd programs or masterclasses
      • Email our creator - Dr Karen W Miller directly @ with your questions / ideas


      Equip your team with the tools that transcend the ordinary.

      Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards are the brushstrokes of brilliance that paint the picture of your organisation's success. Buy now and witness the transformation unfold!

      • Take Brand-in-a-Box with you or keep on your desk

        The boxes are easy to store on your desk top or bookshelf, and when you're ready to take them with you, they travel easily. 

        The boxes are study, wipe down easily, and have thumb holes on the lid to make it easy to get off and access your cards. 

        The boxes are each 105mm x 120mm x 55mm and can be stored in one of three ways:

        1. side-by-side
        2. back-to-back or 
        3. on top of eachother (my favourite)

        The base of the boxes are shorter making it easy to see and acces the cards you are looking for, the cards are colour coded and easy to distinguish.  

        On the side of each lid are pictures of the cards so you know which cards go in which box.  They are easy to use, easy to get in and out, and easy to find thanks to the well designed boxes.

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