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Brand Archetypes

Unleash the Power to
Create a Distinct Brand Identity that is authentically and distinctly you and resonates with your target audience

Brand-in-a-Box Archetype Coaching Cards are the perfect tool for businesses looking to use archetypes to grow their brand with a distinct identity, attract your ideal client and stand out from the competition.

 Learn how to use the Coaching Cards to engage with your clients and elevate your brand. 

Book a call now and take the first step towards powerful brand growth!

Get ready to unlock your business's full potential with Brand-in-a-Box Archetype Coaching Cards. The Archetype Coaching Cards are specifically designed to help you identify your brand archetype and create a powerful brand identity.  Take the first step towards building a brand that stands is authentically and distinctly you, stands out and resonates with your target audience.

Unleash the power of words to shape your brand's identity and brand essence

How to unleash your brand's identity using the Brand Archetypes-in-a-Box Coaching Cards

Select from the 48 Word Cards the words that best represent your brand. 

Once you are happy that these words best reflect your brand flip your cards to reveal your brand archetype(s)

Revealed are the brand archetypes that encapsulate your brand essence (identity)

There are 12 Brand Archetype Cards

Flip the card(s) again to reveal your chosen archetype's rich description, brand mantra and brand strategy. 

To apply the brand archetype use the brand strategy, voice, messaging and brand mantra to guide you.

There are 12 Brand Archetype Strategy Cards. Reveal your unique brand strategy combination.

Learn more.  Book a Consultation or register to take the test and discover which brand archetype resonates with your brand or book into a Webinar, Workshop or undertake our Brand Archetypes Program to learn how to effectively implement archetypes into your business growth and brand management strategies.  Alternatively, read LeadinGrowth's Blog on Brand Archetypes to understand how to leverage their power and to find out more about Brand Archetype Families. Did you know there are four brand archetype families?

Visionary Family of Brand Archetypes



Amanda said, "Brand Archetypes-in-a-Box transformed the way I approach branding.

It's not just a tool; it's a creative companion." - Amanda S., Entrepreneur

Leadership Family of Brand Archetypes



Mark said, "The strategic insights provided with the cards are a game-changer for our brand development. Highly recommended!" - Mark T., Marketing Professional

Maverick Family of Brand Archetypes


Transform Your Brand – Order Now!

People Centric Family of Brand Archetypes


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    Brand Archetypes are 
    one of the ten decks of Coaching Cards
    inside Brand-in-a-Box

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    With Brand-in-a-Box, you can take your business growth strategy sessions to the next level.  Use Brand-in-a-Box on your annual planning days and every 90-days.  Use individual cards in your weekly planning to get off to a great start.

    Ready to take the lead and transform your business into a high-value leadership brand then Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards have got you covered.  This comprehensive toolkit includes 10 card decks of coaching cards to use with your team and stakeholders.  It's the perfect solution for businesses looking to grow their brand and stand out in a competitive marketplace.

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