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Leading Innovation

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Ninety percent of executives want to improve how they innovate because innovation is critical to business growth. Leading Innovation is a self-paced program with guided steps. You have 100 days from the date you start. In this program you'll learn a holistic, people-centred approach to innovation leadership, where the focus is on innovating faster, happier, and with well teams. Throughout the program you’ll have access to learning activities, templates, canvases, maps, videos, and a guideline to take you through the steps. You'll learn the process of generating and managing the good ideas through to successful implementation. This is a practical course. designed for executives and leaders who are newish to leading change, a restructure, a revitalisation, or innovation. If you are looking to improve the way you make improvements at work, and lead teams through the process from ideas through to action, then this program is for you. Most people allocate about 4-hours per week across eight weeks to work through the program. We suggest, when allocating time for the program, ensure you allocate 2 x 30-minutes of time per week with your team to undertake the activities that will assist you with moving through your very own innovation project. The guides in this program provide a framework that structures tools, templates, ways of doing, and getting things done, faster, and happier with the people you are leading. Learn how to capture great ideas and prioritize them.

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