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Leading Idea Testing

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Sometimes ideas don't get off the ground because leaders don't know quick and easy processes to interrogate, analyse, compare, rate, rank, and test and validate ideas. Idea testing is a practical program. Any leader newish to idea testing, change management, innovation, or taking ideas through to action is a fit for this program. Testing is a large part of finding out what works, and what doesn't work. Sometimes ideas get off the ground when they shouldn't. They fail, because they haven't been tested, or tested sufficiently. Testing doesn't have to be time consuming, but it does need doing to reduce risks and increase the success of implementation. Testing moves the idea from a concept into reality. Idea testing challenges the mindset of the team and its leader. Having a guide and a process helps the leader move the idea quickly, happily, and effectively. When an idea is an idea, it is theoretical. When we assess the idea, we find out, often, not everyone agrees, as people will like different elements of the idea. People will have various views about which elements should stay, which to change, remove or reduce. We help you navigate this uncertainty. There are many ways to test, learn, iterate, and we go through some of these in this program. We introduce you to some of the practical tools and templates from the Leadingrowth Toolbox. The readings, tools, templates, diagrams, and videos are designed to assist you with testing and validating your ideas.

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