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Can empathy improve sales?

Improve sales

If you want to improve your sales then make it about customer empathy. When your attitude moves from how many sales am I going to make today or this week / month or quarter, and moves to an attitude of serving the customer, then the outcome of that attitude change is sales. Sounds easy, well it is. The hardest part of this is the attitude change. We live in a society where it is all about me. Yes, you do matter! You matter and so does the customer. By putting the customer first, you are putting you first. Say that sentence again aloud,

by putting the customer first, you are putting you first.”

This is a truism. When you understand what the customer wants and you give the customer what s/he wants, then the outcome of this attitude is generally an increase in sales.

Why is customer empathy important?

Customers are the people we serve. To improve how we serve our customers, it is important that we get to know them. Customer empathy is all about understanding your customers on a deeper level. By undertaking customer empathy, we can learn about them, who they are, what they are going through, what their expectations are of us, how we can help them, what their motivations are for dealing with us. If you want to improve customer satisfaction and build a brand that customers want to follow, then customer empathy is important to you, that is if you want to be successful.

What do customers want?

Customers have a voice. Hear the customer. Customers want to know that you understand them. Customers want to know that you are there to help them and to serve them. Customers want to know that you are listening to them so you can find the best solution for their needs. Customers want to know that you are prioritizing them and their needs. Customers want to feel that you care.

How do you show empathy with a customer?

Be a good listener.

Get out of your own head.

Don’t interrupt the customer, let them speak.

Understand the customer’s priorities.

Show the customer you care about them.

Listen to the customer to understand them.

Ask them questions to learn from them.

Be curious about the customer.

Try and find out what they want.

Don’t jump into solution mode too quick.

Smile, even if you’re on the phone, smile, a smile will come across the phone as friendly.

Learn first, what the customer is looking for, seek to understand what they want, and why.

Only jump into solution mode after exploring all of the customer’s needs and motives.

By exploring the customer's needs and motives first, you are in a better position to understand them, and to offer a solution that works best for them (not you).

Remember it is about them.

Customer empathy matters!

By having an attitude of being curious about the customer and trying to understand them better, you are likely to increase your sales outcomes, give the customer a good experience with you, and improve the customer's perception of your brand (business name).

If you want to learn more about empathy, why not take our Empathy Refresher to enhance your empathy skills. Alternatively, head over to our page on empathy. We are continuing to add new programs to help leaders improve growth outcomes in themselves and in their business (brands).

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