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Two sailboats sailing in clear blue water. Values are the sails on the boat.

Navigate with Values

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Chart your Course

  • 147 Australian dollars
  • LeadinGrowth @ Brougham Place

Service Description

Set Sail: A Workshop on Brand Values Ahoy, captains of your destiny! Embark on a journey of discovery as we navigate the seas of business markets, guided by the billowing sails of your brand's values. Join us for a workshop that will chart the course for defining and harnessing the power of your brand values—the wind in your sails that propels your brand forward. Why Brand Values Are Your True North In the vast ocean of business, your values serve as the steadfast sails that guide your ship. They shape your brand's identity, define its character, and steer its course through calm waters and stormy seas. By anchoring your brand in authentic values, you set the foundation for trust, loyalty, and lasting connections with your audience. What You'll Learn Hoist Your Sails: Unfurl the canvas of your brand's values and set sail on a journey of self-discovery, uncovering the principles that anchor your brand's identity. Navigate with Purpose: Learn to navigate the waters of business growth with intention and purpose, aligning your values with your brand's purpose, vision and mission to chart a course for success. Harness the Wind: Master the art of harnessing the power of your brand's values as the driving force behind every decision, action, and interaction within your organisation. Weather the Storms: Equip yourself with the tools and strategies to weather the storms of uncertainty and adversity, staying true to your values even in the face of challenges. Who Should Come Aboard Captains of Industry: Whether you're charting a new course or navigating uncharted waters, this workshop is essential for leaders looking to steer their brands towards greatness. First Mates of Marketing: Raise your brand's flag high and learn how to infuse your marketing efforts with the authentic spirit of your brand's values. Crewmates of Culture: Foster a culture of alignment and purpose within your organization, ensuring that every member of your crew is rowing in the same direction. Team Members and Employees: Gain clarity on your organisation's values and how they inform your day-to-day work, fostering a culture of alignment, engagement, and purpose. Don't miss the boat on this transformative journey towards defining and harnessing the power of your brand values. Reserve your berth now and prepare to set sail towards a brighter, more purposeful future! Your brand's values are the wind in your sails, propelling you towards your destination. Join us.

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  • 3rd floor/19A Brougham Place, North Adelaide SA, Australia

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