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Strategic planning day participants high fiving

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Charting Tomorrow's Vision and Growth Strategy.

  • 15 min
  • Complimentary 15mins
  • LeadinGrowth @ Brougham Place

Service Description

Are you ready to propel your organisation towards success and unlock its full potential? Join us for a dynamic strategic planning workshop facilitated by LeadinGrowth. Our expert team will guide you through a comprehensive process designed to align your organization's goals, structure, and vision for the future. Why Strategic Planning Matters Strategic planning is the compass that guides your organisation's journey towards its desired destination. It sets the course, defines the milestones, and ensures that every action is purposeful and aligned with your overarching objectives. By investing in strategic planning, you lay the foundation for sustainable growth, innovation, and success. What's Included Discovery Call: Schedule a complimentary 15-min discovery call with our team to discuss the unique needs and challenges of your organisation. We'll explore your goals, priorities, and expectations for the strategic planning process. Goal Setting Meeting: Prior to the planning day, we'll conduct a short meeting with your team to define the goals and structure for the workshop. This ensures that our agenda is tailored to address your organisation's specific objectives. Strategic Planning Day: Dive deep into the strategic planning process during our immersive workshop. Led by experienced facilitators, we'll engage your team in interactive activities and discussions aimed at identifying key priorities, opportunities, and action steps for achieving your goals. Follow-Up Vision and Success Roadmap: Two weeks after the planning day, we'll deliver a comprehensive vision and success roadmap tailored to your organisation's needs. This document will outline the strategic initiatives, timelines, and accountability measures necessary to bring your vision to life. Developing a Strategic Vision for 2030 In addition to short-term goals, our workshop will also focus on developing a strategic vision for the year 2030. We'll explore emerging trends, disruptive technologies, and evolving market dynamics to help you anticipate future opportunities and challenges. By envisioning where you want to be in 2030, you'll be better equipped to make informed decisions and navigate towards your long-term goals. Duration: Full Day or Half Day (customised to suit your priorities) Transform your organisation's vision into reality with our strategic planning workshop. Partner with LeadinGrowth and unlock a roadmap for success that will propel your organisation to new heights.

Contact Details

  • 3rd floor/19A Brougham Place, North Adelaide SA, Australia

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