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  • Elevate your Brand: Engage in a 15min Free Discovery Call

    15 min

  • Elevate your Professional Brand: Unlock your Leadership Potential

    45 min

    195 Australian dollars
  • Ensure your biggest asset grows with you

    15 min

    Initial 15min Free
  • A 90-Minute Workshop for Authenticity, Impact, and Efficiency

    1 hr 30 min

    97 Australian dollars
  • Create consistency and clarity in your brand communications by buildin...


    45 min

    97 Australian dollars
  • Build a powerful brand from the inside


    1 hr 30 min

    Normally $97
  • Effectively manage your brand & positively influence how people percei...

    1 hr 30 min

    Normally $97
  • 4-Week Lunchtime Program to Elevate your Professional Brand

    Starts Jan 23, 2024

    495 Australian dollars

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  • 4-Week Lunchtime Program to Elevate your Professional Brand

    Starts Feb 27, 2024

    495 Australian dollars

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs?

Costs vary depending on which service you select.

Consulting services are tailored  to your needs and are priced after our initial consultation

Most workshops are $97 or less if you purchase a package where you get to pick and choose your own workshop adventure with the time and dates that suit your needs. 

Our programs are typically $495 and occur over a four week period or over a single day.

You have a choice of face-to-face programs in Adelaide, Sydney or Melbourne

Online Programs are global and take into account different time zones across the globe.

How do people interact?

You can interact with other people in a variety of ways.

  1. Through workshops. In workshops you get to meet each other face-to-face online.

  2. Through online discussion boards. 

  3. Through "groups" on the app, or via the digital platform.

Request to join a group so you can meet and network with like-minded people.

Are there application deadlines?

It depends on whether you are doing a self-paced online course or whether you are participating with others and doing the course together.

The on-demand online courses do not have a deadline, as these can be accessed any time. You select the start day. The course begins when you are ready. 

If you are completing the course with other people, you can register for early access to an upcoming online course.  This enables you to start viewing materials earlier and get a head start.

Are the Academics qualified?

All of our programs, workshops and courses are written by people who have a mix of industry experience, and at least an MBA or a PhD.

Our Academics are business leaders, people who have experience in growing a business, who are either Intrapreneurs or Entrepreneurs.

Our Academics are practical people who have theoretical knowledge and industry experiences.  They have previously worked in industry and at a university. 

Our Academics have taught MBA, Masters, and PhD students. 

Our Academics share our vision to create high-quality courses that reduce the gaps between what industry leaders need and knowledge that is available. 

Academics have written the courses for leaders who are pre or post MBA.

How do I register?

Register for upcoming programs or workshops by clicking the register link that takes you to the page where you fill in your details.

Someone will be in contact with you to check with you on your details and address any questions you have. 

What is a Certificate of Completion?

A Certificate of Completion can be included on your resume or profile to demonstrate your enhanced knowledge gained from completing the online course. 

A Certificate of Completion is awarded by completing the requirements to receive a badge. Once you have received your badge of completion and you have been assessed you will receive a Certificate of Completion. It generally is awarded about a week after your badge. 

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