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Over 25+ years we've helped 5000+ audacious leaders with successfully achieving their ambitious growth goals.

Grow Audaciously

Get Inspired, Grow & Succeed!

Empowering leader confidence - increase clarity with clear visions and engaging stronger teams.

We see organisations and people as brands. LeadinGrowth transforms audacious organisations and people into high-value leadership brands.


Business Growth Consulting

Innovation & Leadership Consulting

Brand Evolution Management Partnerships

High-Grade Engagement Research & Activities

Empathy-led Human Centric Approaches


Brand-in-a-Box Experiences

Guiding Growth, Inspiring Success through a Brand Asset Management Lens

Serving Audacious Organisations & People, helping them to build Brand Assets that can Lead, Grow, Flourish & Thrive

Consulting Client Success Stories

5th Gen beef producer


We'd been trying for a while to work out how to keep our premium brands and add a luxury brand to our portfolio.  We saw Karen speak in Tokyo and read her luxury brand papers. Karen met with our executive team and board.  She helped us to reconfigure a new supply chain, redesign the business model, and successfully develop a new luxury brand into new global markets.  She did this without cannibalizing our premium brand and markets

Managing Director, car brand


Our brand was starting to lose traction. Karen undertook customer & market research to help us understand our brand from various perspectives.  Karen developed three clear target market segments matching our branded offerings.  

Together with our leadership team, Karen helped us to develop an overarching brand strategy across our three segments.

We went from almost no growth to having our best year. I would definitely recommend Karen.

CEO, education brand


The results of Karen's research helped us to identify five clear target markets and have a clear picture of our brand.

Karen aligned our purpose, values, vision, solutions and our target markets.

It was a daunting process for which we are grateful that Karen took us out of our comfort zone and into the future.

Today we have a clear direction moving into 2030.

This might be our best year yet.

Consulting with Audacious Organisations & People who want to Lead, Grow, Flourish & Thrive

Empowering Tomorrow's Brand Leaders through Brand Evolution Managment

Through Empathy-led Brand Evolution Management we empower organisations to thrive, embrace change, cultivate high-value leadership brands, and seize opportunities for growth and impact.


Our collaborative approach, rooted in empathy, allows us to deeply understand your organisation's needs, aspirations, and challenges, guiding organisations through transformational journeys that redefine industries and shape the future.


Through collaborative consulting,  Purposeful PlayShop Experiences, innovative strategies, Brand-in-a-Box, proven methodologies and empathy-driven innovation management, we guide you in building authentic connections with your stakeholders, fostering loyalty and resilience in an ever-changing landscape.

Partner with us to navigate change with empathy.  Shape your brand's evolution as you navigate transforming your organisation into a high-value leadership brand.  Harness the power of your teams through creativity, innovation, and empathy-led strategies, helping you to lead with confidence into 2030 and beyond.

Empower Potential through Purposeful Play

We're thrilled to introduce LeadinGrowth's innovative Purposeful PlayShop Experiences. This is a transformative journey where we view organisations and their people through the lens of branding, igniting transformation into high-value leadership brands. Our approach blends empathy-led human centric design thinking with the power of "strategic play", resulting in dynamic workshops we fondly call playshops. These Purposeful PlayShop experiences leverage Brand-in-a-Box, Design Thinking, Aglile, Lean, LeadingTeams, LEGO, and various purposeful strategic games to craft bespoke experiences that engage teams through play, empowering people to reach their full potential.

Through these experiences, teams embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth, enhancing their empathy and fostering growth mindsets. Leaders learn to see themselves, their teams, and their organisations as brands capable of transformation into inspiring and impactful leadership brands. By understanding others and improving how they engage, teams collectively operate at their peak, evolving into high-value leadership brands that inspire others to emulate their success.

LeadinGrowth's Purposeful PlayShop Experiences are more than just workshops; they're immersive adventures that cultivate camaraderie, creativity, and excellence within organisations. Join us on this exciting journey, where fun meets productivity, and together, let's unleash the full potential of your team.

Let's have a conversation.

Start by telling us what outcomes you're looking to achieve? Let's see if we fit.

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The success of evolving your brand to its fullest potential on the journey from 2024 through to 2030 depends on the empowerment and empathy of your people. Our empathy-led approach blends consulting, market research, stakeholder understanding, Purposeful PlayShop Experiences, strategic planning and implementation.

Wondering about the steps involved in collaborating with us?

At LeadinGrowth, our process unfolds in four distinct phases, tailored to your unique needs.

Empathy-led Brand Evolution
4 phases: Discover, Define, Design & Deliver


To learn more about Brand Evolution Management Consulting with LeadinGrowth let's talk.  Have a complimentary conversation with us.  Tell us what you are looking for or what you hope to achieve.  Let's see if there are synergies. Email us at or Book a complimentary call.  Let's talk.

Empowering Teams to Grow & Flourish

the story behind Brand-in-a-Box 

When consulting with and helping leaders achieve their audacious ambitions, Dr Karen W Miller, quickly realised the value of teams in successfully co-designing and implementing growth strategies.  Karen learnt that the success of the audacious ideas depended highly on the ability of the team to grow and flourish. Over the years Dr Miller used a variety of empathy-led human-centric tools, design thinking, purposeful play, games and frameworks.... These all lead to the development of Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards.  Karen saw the value of using cards as an interactive tool to help teams happily navigate brand evolution management for their organisation.  She wanted leaders to have a tool that did so much more.  Karen collaborated with over 100 leaders to develop a tool that could be used in brand evolution managment, weekly roundups, daily standups, 1:1s or ideations.  The tool can be used by anyone in the team.  Use Brand-in-a-Box in team meetings, personal brand development, professional brand management, project management team branding, departmental branding as a tool to guide and enhance the productivity, professionalism, happiness, wellbeing and team engagement while transforming into a high-value leadership brand. 

Audaciously Grow, Lead & Succeed

Propel your people and your organisation into 2030 with a Brand-in-a-Box Experience.  They are productive, interactive, fun and engaging experiences that tackle "the hard stuff".  

Using Brand-in-a-Box as a facilitation tool we help you with empowering, engaging and leading your teams, igniting purpose, vision, identity, innovation and greater people insights. Craft your mission. Create new ways to audaciously lead, grow, succeed & flourish.

Brand-in-a-Box Experiences improve people / customer insights, help your organisation live your values, engage in authentic conversations, improve cultural sensistivity, improve individual or team capabilities and harness superpowers.

Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards

What users of 
Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards
are saying ......

“As a team leader, I've seen incredible transformations within our division ever since we integrated Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards into our activities. The cards provided an innovative approach to defining our team's identity through a branding lens. We were able to articulate not just what we do, but also discovered our collective superpowers, values, and archetypes, which significantly strengthened our cohesion and understanding of one another....and how we serve other teams.”

Sarah T.

Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards
Training Workshops

Sign up for Brand-in-a-Box Training Workshops or Programs

There are several.  Each workshop is @ $147 per person per workshop. Purchase a 3-Workshop Pass for $397.00

For Coaches, Consultants and Creatives who plan on running their own workshops using Brand-in-a-Box Coaching Cards sign up for the

Brand-in-a-Box Facilitator Program. 4-weeks @ 497.00

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Exciting news!
Brand-in-a-Box is available as a Digital Solution

Each Deck is a digital solution aimed at evolving and growing the company brand or transforming your people and teams into high-value leadership brands. 

Each deck is a piece of the empathy-led human centric brand evolution management puzzle.

Together these 12 decks are a digital alternative to Brand-in-a-Box.

Pain Points Customer.png
Brand Value.png
Human Traits Customer.png
Pain Points Employees.png
Human Traits Employees.png

LeadinGrowth created the Business-in-a-Box Series of Digital Card Decks in response to requests for digital access across the globe.  The decks are with you, always, on your smartphone, as an app.

Buy the decks individually or buy the series.

Join the Coaching Club

For purchases of Brand-in-a-Box or the digital Business-in-a-Box series learn how to get the most out of your Coaching Cards.

Each month we focus on a different set of coaching cards.  There are ten in all.

Improve your coaching skillset.

Enjoy quarterly get togethers. Be empowered and Inspired by people who care. Improve how you lead, coach, grow, inspire, innovate, engage, encourage & empower your team.

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